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IBD’s innovative 360-degree ‘Care4Food’ campaign for Tupperware spreads greater awareness on reducing food wastage

IBD India, the Integrated Brand Development Company of Percept-Hakuhodo, and Tupperware’s brand and creative agency recently conceptualized and executed a 360 degree campaign to create awareness and trigger response towards Caring for food. With 6th April every year being taken up by Tupperware as ‘Care4Food Day’ IBD’s campaign both makes the day - 6th April as a property egging people to do so at one level and tells them the many ways of how a simple practice of ‘Care’ can give them a variety of fresh, delicious food & dishes. 

Being the world’s leading food storage brand, Tupperware endeavors to preserve food. For over six decades, Tupperware has been caring for your food, keeping it fresh and safe. As a brand that truly cares for food, Tupperware has taken an initiative to spread awareness about the best food storage practices and to educate consumers on safe storage and safeguard of food items thus helping in minimizing wastage and maximizing value. It is in this Endeavour that Tupperware engages to celebrate the care and love towards food in the form of ‘Tupperware Care4Food Day’, and has designated April 6th as its official celebratory day. 

The brief was clear cut. Raise conscience, create priority. Don’t waste food, preserve it. Start doing it today on Care4Food day and always. The challenge was how not to make it a CSR but a behavioral change campaign by giving women a way they could – one that would benefit them and show their expertise and skill. 

In response IBD cracked a 2 tiered plan. The first was creating awareness for the specially created Care4Food Day by stirring an emotional chord: “Food loves you, return the flavor” Why? Because food is precious, store it in a Tupperware, enjoy it longer. And to sustain it campaign showcased the merit of preserving food without wasting it and instead offered innovative recipes that gave food not just a new flavor & look but a yummy, fresh taste:” If it gets leftover today, give it a makeover tomorrow.”

The 360 degree communication mix targeted to reach out to the masses included promotion on varied mass media like Television, Print, Radio and Social Media. In the campaign, Tupperware also created a ‘Care4Food’ pledge which encourages people to reduce food wastage. Utilizing leftover food, Tupperware has come up with special recipes which help people reduce food wastage by reusing unused food effectively with Tupperware’s innovative food safety product range. 

Tupperware is also reaching out to people at various touch points to run an awareness drive against food wastage and encouraging people to sign up for caring for food through an “I-Pledge” campaign. Ms. Asha Gupta, Managing Director, Tupperware India says “For us at Tupperware, food is sacred. Our products are designed to keep food fresh for longer, resulting in reduced food wastage. It has been a part of our vision to help each home make the most of their food by storing it well and eating healthy. Under the Care4Food initiative, each of our functions is aligned to achieve that vision. 

“Food is a precious resource and should not be wasted. In today’s price rise and expensive lifestyle, it is essential that we try and save and be sensible in all our actions. Thus through this initiative, we hope to create greater awareness about correct ways to handle and store food so that we as a nation, waste as little food as possible.” she added.

To make the ‘Tupperware Care4Food’ initiative more relevant, Tupperware has also focused on specific food storage ranges that help preserve food for longer durations, without losing their nutritional value and freshness. Range of products by Tupperware include the ‘Fridge Smart’ range, which by allowing whole fruits and vegetables to breathe, lets them stay healthy and fresh for longer. It also features the ‘Cool n Fresh’ range which is equipped with breathing seals and is perfect for storing cut fruits & vegetables. Tupperware’s ‘Buddy Bowls’ range comes with an airtight seal and helps one store gravies, curries, dough or any leftover rice, vegetables or pulses. 

Also featured is the Tupperware’s ‘Freezer Mate’ range whose unique six-sided airflow design allows efficient freezing and defrosting, as well as saves space in the freezer thus helping one to store food during season and utilize it during offseason. It’s ‘Modular Mates’ range helps keep condiments, snacks, pulses, cereals and grains safe, hygienic and moisture-free for long. Easily stackable and available in convenient sizes, this range brings better organization of shelves and offers a complete modular storage solution for the kitchen.

Mr. Anshu Bagai, Chief Marketing Officer, Tupperware India says, “By creating consumer connect programmes around ‘Care4Food Day’ we seek to inform them about various ways to keep food safe and avoid wastage. On the same tenet, we have also brought to the fore specific food storage products, which empower people to store food right and reduce wastage of cooked and uncooked food. Our effort is to introduce Tupperware products to every household; thus helping to reduce food wastage.  As a brand that truly cares for food, we are proud to launch this initiative that has the potential of becoming a worldwide drive”. 

“It is time that we educate the masses that when one stores food carefully and in the right way, then wastage of money and food can be minimized. One should remember that ‘food loves you and you need to return the favor’. Thus the need of the hour is to take a pledge against wasting food and promote healthy storage habits with Tupperware. Tupperware’s ‘Care4Food Day’ is a corporate strategy and a marketing strategy to educate consumers not only about our thought process but also about our products which will help one Care4Food”, he added.

Mr Rahul Gupta, Managing Director, IBD adds, “We truly appreciate Tupperware’s conviction that there would no wastage only if we care. And food is the first of our priorities, even before clothing and shelter. The Care4food campaign developed by us upped its priority and gave everyone the reason why!

Mr Jai Singh, Executive Creative Director, IBD says, “Behaviour change is difficult when it comes to an ingrained habit which is taken for granted. At the same time the importance of care over waste far out-weighs the need for priority and awakening. Being functional or in-your-face statements to me was not the answer. Emotion backed by demonstrable efficiency was the key. And Tupperware’s products care, preserve and keep food fresh. Now what it needed was to give the woman ideas, ideas of makeover that would win her compliments for her skill and thoughtfulness. The balance was struck: ‘Food loves you, return the favour’ And ‘if it gets’s left over today, give it a makeover tomorrow’

Tupperware ‘Care4Food Day’ will be celebrated every year on April 6th, a day before the World Health Day, highlighting the pertinence of the occasion.

Percept Live announce Bollyboom festival; to invest Rs 30 cr in first year

Entertainment Company Percept Live announced its new property 'Bollyboom' festival that will mix Bollywood songs with EDM (Electronic Dance Music). In addition to newly coined Bollywood Dance Music (BDM), the new property will include food, shopping and dance for fans of Bollywood music and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). The company, which also owns the Sunburn (IP (Intellectual Property) will initially invest Rs 30 crores to promote and organize Bollyboom starting with its first show at Delhi on 24 November. The company is targeting a live attendance of around 1,00,000 people in its first year and up to 5,00,000 people by FY 2016 with a topline target of Rs 250 crores in FY14 to Rs 1.5 billion, officials said. The festival will be initially introduced in the India market to cities likes Ahmedabad, Chandigargh, Indore, Kanpur, Jaipur, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad and expand to foreign venues like Brimingham, Manchester, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta among others where fan base and awareness of Hindi film songs is strong. Centres like Mumbai will be incorporated at a later stage. The company said it was confident that audiences would take to Bollywood based EDM festivals of international standards. Though the festivals will be youth-centric, it can be enjoyed by the whole family as it will offer other connected entertainment activities like shopping, food and balloon rides. The festival will not cannibalize existing properties like Sunburn with dates and timings adjusted accordingly. The core team for the venture includes singer Sonu Nigam and music director duo Salim- Suleiman. Ghazal singer Talat Aziz will handle the creative content of the festival which will primarily consist of Bollywood songs- classics and contemporary- set to catchy EDM beats and sounds. Company officials said the team content to suit each venue to the taste of audiences is being developed and Bollyboom would also provide employment to professionals from content developing stage to delivery stage. "What we are offering is an unforgettable experience. The 600 million strong youth of India below the age of 25 years is quite aware of the global entertainment scenario through TV, YouTube. They expect the same scale and level with Indian live entertainment. What sets Bollyboom apart from the existing DJ based remixes of Bollywood songs will be the international standard EDM touch incorporated by top artists of the industry. The festival will also define itself through live performances by top artists like Sunidhi Chauhan and Mika Singh," Percept Live CEO, Manuj Aggarwal said.

PK Online launches content store beta on Vodafone and Idea

It is the era of digital media, an era of innovation and new forms of communication. The digital media company PK Online launched a new content distribution product during the last week of the month of June 2013. Hello1 is a digital content store accessible on multiple devices from feature phones, smart phones, PC to smart TV. This website’s current content categories include Live TV, Movies, Music, Apps, and Games and in future will include eBooks and magazines. In keeping up with the current online culture Hello1 supports both pay per use/download and subscription based services. This service is on self developed content delivery platform. PK online has been behind many successful content distribution products like Hello TV and also runs Adchakra which is a cross channel Ad network. PK’s Ad Network business complements this initiative by acting as the audience acquisition engine for the service. Their current content partners include leading players like Zee, Universal, UTV, Reliance, Times Music etc. It is also looking to add more Indian and international partners. The real time and transparent revenue reporting feature enables content partners to stay updated on the performance of their catalog. Hello1’s monetisation strategy is based on operator distribution and direct to consumer model. It is currently integrated with leading operators like Vodafone, MTNL and Idea as an off deck service. PK is open to license the platform to content owners who want to set up their own digital destination. Facebook today is the face of social media, keeping this in mind, facebook users can directly register on Hello1’s FB application Other than this the company also plans tie ups with all leading ISPs, MSOs and Mobile operators to offer consumers to pay through operator accounts in coming months. The other important features about this new media innovation are that it is a one stop destination for all types of digital content with a single account and subscription for all devices, a digital cloud based Vault for re-downloads, an automatic device adaptation for seamless rendering across 7000 feature phone models and it is a native app for Android and iOS. A large number of youngsters today use these operating systems. Commenting on their latest project, Cauvery Adiga, Co-founder and VP, PK Online said, ’We are trying to bring all our learnings in one comprehensive product which provides a good user experience and ease of payment to end users. aims to be the choice of destination for “legal and paid” consumption of digital content by enabling micro-transaction for Indian market.’

IBD India charms Alila Diwa Goa

IBD India, the country’s finest brand development agency has recently bagged the prestigious account of ‘Alila Diwa Goa’ - Asia’s leading luxury boutique hotel and resort operator, set up in 2009 in Goa. It is a known fact that India is one of the finest tourist attractions in the world. The country believes in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means ‘guest is god’. India lives up to this quote by giving tourists the best hospitality in the world. This is its first foray into India.

The name Alila is derived from Sanskrit meaning ‘surprise’. As the world’s coolest chain, Alila’s brand attributes lie in its innovative, purpose-driven architecture and its holistic destination experiences. Alila is positioned to deliver vibrant, contemporary and engaging hospitality characterized by the “Surprisingly Different” service philosophy. 

Some of the unique selling points about this resort are not only the scenic beauty but also its close proximity from Dabolim International Airport. It gives u a panoramic view of the paddy fields which leads to the Arabian Sea, an infinity pool in the heart of the resort which extends onto the paddy terraces.  The environment in the resort gives you the ultimate feel of living in Goa. Its rooms and suites are designed for quiet indulgence with an amazing bath experience, luxury bedding and a private terrace to take in the picturesque setting. Its setting is a blend of Goa’s contemporary architecture and the rich culture inherited there. The presence of a family entertainment zone a theatre and children’s activity centre, and a comprehensive event centre which is equipped with a ballroom, meeting rooms and a large outdoor lawn that can accommodate up to 300 persons. This makes it the finest hospitality brand in the country.  It is located along the coast of the breathtaking Gonsua Beach in Majorda.

Speaking on choosing the right agency, Mr. Ankur Rastogi - Marketing Head, Alila Diwa Goa said, “IBD understands of our product, its market and our consumer and extensive understanding of the hospitality industry convinced us to join hands with them in our venture to establish Alila Diwa Goa. 

Commenting on the achievement, Rahul Gupta, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, IBD India said, “I was instantly charmed by Alila Diwa Goa on my visit. We are looking forward to surpass its main competitors and in the process helping the brand establishes itself firmly in the current hospitality market and gain a significant competitive advantage.”  

Percept Out-Of-Home uses a brand experience strategy for Samsonite’s ‘FIRE LITE’ 

Percept Out-Of-Home has been given the mandate to device activity/design fixture set up, where the consumer can experience Samsonite’s FIRE LITE. The campaign kick-started on June 15 and is running till date across 30 locations pan India. 

The key challenge here was to design a fixture which is scalable exactly on pan India basis. Considering space crunch in retail outlets, IdeaStudio has developed a very sleek & light modular structure, which provided display and very effective branding. Base podiums hold two products & one half shell of a bag. Communication next to the shell says “STAND ON ME” with a big foot print as a visual clue. This modular structure can be erect at the location with absolutely NO TOOLS, and it is designed in a manner that store/retail outlet can easily accommodate this anywhere in a store (against the wall / centre of the store or as a window display). Such 30 units have been produced & installed in various locations across India in just 15 days. The season sale ends on July 7.  Considering the heavy competition in the industry its main aim is to reach out to the consumers by making them experience the brand before buying it. 

Samsonite a premium bag manufacturer for travel bags, leather belts, leather wallets and formal shoes for men used this unique out-of-home strategy to promote FIRE LITE which according to the Arun Pillay, Head Projects, Samsonite was a success, because an experience based marketing strategy was used for this product, which helped connect with the consumers because experiential marketing brings the brand experience alive by engaging the consumer in sensory ways.

Talking about the brief, Arun Pillay, Head Projects, Samsonite says, “The brief was simple – Help SAMSONITE showcase the USP of an newly launched bag/product “FIRE LITE” By not just displaying but also give some kind of engagement for consumer.”

“Brand is not pleading for attention or favours it but is simply asking the consumer to experience the brand/product himself and decide on his own the worth of the brand. If done correctly, experiential marketing gets huge brand allegiance and earns precious word of mouth in the long term.”, said Rajneesh Bahl - Chief Executive Officer, Percept Out of Home

But any concept is incomplete till the time it is not made feasible on cost, logistical friendly & modularity in mass production“, says Pervinder Singh, COO - Retail & Idea Studio – Percept Out Of Home. His immense knowledge and expertise has given edge to this concept and converted it into a masterpiece.  

Post activation Arun said, “Consumer has enjoyed the distinct experience of the brand’s USP (brand benefits) themselves in real time. Here, walk in customers have touched and felt the product, also gather the first hand information about the product and then decide to buy it. So here the consumer had made a decision not by viewing communication but he has actually experienced it”. 

Percept Out-of-Home executes La Montana’s Outdoor campaign 

Tata Housing Development Company Limited, India’s fastest growing real estate developer has recently launched a slew of new projects in select cities in India, prominent among   them being   Tata Housing’s award winning-project, La Montana near Talegaon based on the theme of a Mediterranean lifestyle.

For this Percept OOH was entrusted with the task of identifying the various TG touch points & provide a complete OOH solution where they could garner maximum eyeballs as well as ensure enquiry generation was high. The challenge was to look at the project in isolation as this project was looking to target a different socio-economic audience. Some of Percept’s proprietary tools such as PROGRAM were used at the planning stages to ensure optimal & accurate media selection. The campaign which is focussed in Mumbai is for a short burst supported by traditional media such as print, digital etc.

Pawan Sarda, Head - Marketing & Product Development, Smart Value Homes (a subsidiary of TATA Housing Development) said, “We are working with Percept OOH for some of our key projects, which require innovative and out of the box OOH solutions. Each location and project is unique in its own way and hence we have planned campaign that effectively to communicate the right message to the right TG using the right outdoor solutions and we feel Percept will help us achieve our goals.”

Commenting on the campaign Rajneesh Bahl, CEO - Percept Out of Home, said, “Percept OOH has always relied on providing a very focused scientific planning & execution approach for all brands that we work for which ensures the client achieves his business objectives through this medium, we are thankful to Tata Housing for providing our this opportunity to showcase our skill set for their brand & we hope to strengthen this association in the future.”

Now Listen to Sunburn Music on the Radio

When we revealed the 2013 calendar for Sunburn Festival earlier, we knew that Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival brand is going to be mind-blowing beyond imagination this year. We are talking about the biggest and most electric season of dance music India has ever seen. The awesome peeps over at Sunburn are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it delivers the ultimate dance music experience. They are now adding a radio show that will bring to all its fans and followers a radio experience dedicated to bringing the best of EDM from around the globe. The radio show will be available on multiple platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Youtube as well as on their website ( to make it easier for everyone to access. Sunburn is planning to source the name of its radio show from its fans. Tweet them @SunburnFestival or post on their Facebook (Sunburn Festival) what you think the show should be called.

Hakuhodo Percept creates a TVC to launch Sony’s Sonic laptops

As the old forms of communication give way to the new innovative machines, Hakuhodo Percept has launched Sony’s new range of Sonic laptops with in-built subwoofers through a TVC specially created for the Indian market. British musician Shlomo and his vocal project ‘Shlomo and the Lip Factory’ have been used in this TVC. They are seen performing on ‘Moves like Jagger’ by Maroon 5. Different shots of the group are shown through the Sonic range of laptops. This was done keeping in mind the taste and culture of the current generation. The brand has also initiated what is billed as India’s first online ‘Beatboxing competition’. Contestants need to share links of their beatboxing videos on Sony’s Youtube channel to win a Vaio laptop from the Sonic series. The film went on air on 2 July. 

Commenting on the TVC, Shobhit Mathur and Sabuj Sen Gupta, Executive Creative Directors, Hakuhodo Percept Pvt Ltd said, "Typically, laptops don’t give you great sound forcing you to use additional speakers for better sound experience. But all that is about to change as Sony Vaio brings to you a laptop with an in-built subwoofer! Not only will you be able to hear great bass and thump, you will also be able to hear every sound with great clarity and distinction. It’s a yet another first from Vaio. For us, it all started here. So to corroborate this brief, we devised a campaign with a fusion of A cappella and beat boxing. Our aim was to own the domain of voice & sound. Hence we tied-up with an internationally acclaimed human beat boxer, Shlomo and his latest vocal project ‘Shlomo and the Lip Factory’ to perform the chartbuster ‘Moves like Jagger’. We got seven beat boxers, including Shlomo, to recreate the song using only their voices. What’s interesting is that each one of them has performed their part through a different Vaio thereby creating a never-heard-before orchestra of laptops."

Founded in 1984, Percept, an entertainment, media and communications company, today , is at an enviable leadership position with a team of 1200 people and 62 offices across India and Middle East. This publication has been exclusively created for our stakeholders. The contents of this publication has been created with inputs from Percept Companies and Divisions. This document may not be reproduced or circulated without prior consent from the Corporate Communications Department at Percept Limited.

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