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Arise inverters launches new TVC with a humour streak
18 December, 2013

Arise Invertors have come out with a new television commercial that attempts to bring humour even as it conveys the commercial message. Created by Percept/H for Apocalypso Films Executive Creative Director Rajiv Agrawal, the TVC has been directed by Pradeep Sarkar and produced by Rachita Chowdhury. Arise India Ltd. MD Avinash Jain said, “Through the TVC we wish to communicate our core message of Arise Inverter, thus helping in saving electricity. The mandate to Percept H was to create an endearing advertisement which creates an instant connect with the audience and makes them understand the USP of the product in the first view itself. With the resultant advert we are very optimistic about the deliverance of the messaging and thus are looking forward towards encouraging sales of the product.” Rajiv Agrawal said, “Arise has been a fledgling brand. The owners have decided to take it to a different level. The one line brief from the chairman, Avinash Jain, was: ‘give me memorable advertising’. How many times do client say such things these days? And that’s exactly what we’ve attempted to do. Create disruptive advertising which, hopefully, will be memorable while doing justice to the brand and the volumes.” The story line of the 30-second film opens inside the chamber of an orthopedic doctor. A doctor is examining the X-ray and the patient lying on the bed with his leg stringed and his wife and a nurse standing by. The doctor looks at the patient and speaks: “Hoon…Sharma Ji aapke pair ki dono haddiyan ghutne se toot chuki hain. Ek mein 6 inch ki nail dalegi aur doosre mein steel ki plate. Theek hai?” The patient looks bewildered. “Hmm…” As the doctor in his style consoles the patient, he says: “Process hai…tumhare haath hi haddi ko khurcha jayega”. The patient gives the scared look and asks in disbelief: “K..K..Kyoon?” The doctor once again consoles the patient. “Arre leto leto…process hai…char mahine ka plaster lagega…uske baad football, kabaddi, kuch bhi khel sakte ho.” The patient in surprise asks the doctor: “Kya guarantee hai?” The doctor replies in full confidence: “Guarantee…Hai Guarantee!…” The doctor points out to the supers appearing one by one on the screen: Intelligent Charging System and Sinewave Service. The voice-over : “Intelligent Charging System ki Guarantee…Sinewave ki Guarantee…Service ki Guarantee…” The product window shows a wide range of Arise Inverters and Batteries: “Yeh hai Arise Ki Guarantee… Arise inverter aur battery ki full range par…Ab India bolega Arise…” Come back to the patient speaking into the camera with a smiling face: “…Hai Guarantee” The doctor now instructs the nurse to pull the leg: “Iska taang kheecho”m Arise logo appears on the screen chorus: “Arre Wah Wah Wah Wah!”