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IBD conceptualizes 2 new TVCs for ‘Only Vimal’
7 September, 2017

 ~ Introduces a revolutionary new fabric ‘NICE’ that is Sweat-Free and Moisture-Absorbent ~

IBD, a Percept Company, which won the strategic and creative mandate for ‘Only Vimal’, the iconic textile brand of Reliance after a competitive pitch last year, has released 2 much awaited ancillary ‘Only Vimal’ TVCs across electronic media pan India.

Only Vimal has to its credit many patented technologies and has been innovating its product portfolio and offering technologically superior fabric over the decades, keeping in mind the life and aspirations of young India. In continuation with the heritage of innovation and originality, Only Vimal has launched a revolutionary new Fabric entitled ‘NICE’ whose key USP is that it is completely ‘Sweat-Free’ and fully ‘Moisture-Absorbent’.

The objective behind the creation of the ad films is to revive and reinforce the appeal of Vimal among New Age Indians. The creative concept behind these two TVC is to create awareness on Only Vimal’s innovative Fabrics of the Future which offers unparalleled qualities and advantages such as being Anti-Dust, Stain Resistant, Protector-Smooth, and Wrinkle-Free for the human skin. The fabric also has DEO2 – an Anti Microbial and Odour Resistant property. The Metro TVC introduces the all new fabric of the future ‘NICE’ which has sweat absorbent qualities, keeps body temperature cool and is moisture-absorbent.

IBD took great care to ensure that the TVC focused on the right attributes to generate the desired awareness and consumer interest. The fabric is fashionable, innovative, and technologically superior and matches step with the youth of today who is well abreast with fashion, technology and aspires to be ahead of the curve. The electronic media campaign aims at presenting the fabric as the hero, and portraying the wearer as at all times refreshed and rejuvenated in energy while always in action. The idea was to project the man of today, who forever wants to feel fresh and sweat free while travelling, during work hours, when he is on a date, pursuing a deadline, rushing for meetings and handling many high cadence activities during the day. It also projects Only Vimal as a brand that propels today’s man in every aspect without hindering him on his quest and ambition.

The Metro TVC introduces the new fabric from Only Vimal – NICE. It showcase the man who loses his girl on a Metro platform while she boards the Metro but soon promises to reach the next platform before she reaches. He gets into full action mode and outcasts the challenges he faces while reaching the next platform even as the Only Vimal NICE fabric on his body remains sweat free. Here is the link:

The Wedding TVC showcases all the fabrics from the Only Vimal range including NICE, PROTECTOR and DEO2. The TVC essays how a group of friends are called for a hasty wedding of their best friend. They are scattered, rushed and messy, and yet manage to reach the wedding in time thanks to the freshness and coolness offered by the fabric worn. Here is the link:

Said Mr. Vivek Mehta, Head - Marketing, Reliance Industries Limited (Textiles), “The brand Only Vimal always stood for ‘fashion for the young trendsetter’. The youth in India are challenging ‘the status quo’, with a mindset of new possibilities, risk taking and a can do attitude. And they are doing all this in style. Only Vimal reflects their values by offering, ‘fabric and apparel which is not only technologically advanced and innovative but also stylish and world class in design values’.”

Commenting on the new Vimal TVCs, Mr. Rahul Gupta, Managing Director, IBD said, “Last year saw us disrupting the category, with a strong and relevant positioning of “Superior Technology Fabric”, which lead to many other brands trying to do the same. This year we wanted to deepen our positioning by bringing in more differentiated products that are performance enhancers, which further facilitates in ranking Only Vimal as a truly Tech Forward brand.”

In today’s hyper competitive age where market dynamics change at the speed of light, brands need a new breed of agencies that identify the right creative solution at the dynamic pace of the consumer demand. IBD is one such new age agency. Perhaps that is why, at IBD, many prestigious accounts have been won in the face of stiff competition from marquee names of the advertising world. In some cases, even when the competing agency has a global alliance working for it.