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Ola Sunburn Festival Takes - Off With Zeal At The Oxford Golf Resort, Pune
29 December, 2017

Asia's ace music festival builds its new nest amidst the serene landscape of Lavale, Pune. The Empire of the Sun 2.0 ( MAINSTAGE ) witnessed the mystical performances by DIMITRI VEGAS and LIKE MIKE and COONE.

Pune - December 28, 2017 -   OLA SUNBURN FESTIVAL 2017 - Asia's biggest musical festival -  amplified to newer heights as it took - off  on a high - octane !  The  11th edition kick started at the Oxford Golf Resort, Pune amidst the serene landscape of Lavale. The musical extravaganza raised its curtains for  its loyalists from across the globe who count every single day, round the year and await for Sunburn's EDM treat to begin their new year with zeal. Day one of the festival saw a astounding attendance of thousand of attendees pouring in from different parts of the world and the country.  This year's edition broke all its previous benchmarks - be its ever-increasing footfalls, the gigantic production or its ambience, Ola Sunburn'17 truly opened its gates for its fans to experience a musical rollercoaster. 
The  sprawling 100 acres land which is covered with ascetic beauty , filled with never ending greenery proved out to be the perfect destination to give fans the wonderful Sunburn experience.
The main attraction on Day 1 was the concluding act on the main stage, ' THE EMPIRE OF THE SUN 2.0'  which  witnessed the power packed set World No. 2 Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike as they pumped up the atmosphere by tuning in tracks like "Complicated" , "Hook Up" and many more to which the fans went crazy and grooved to their beats.  The 350 feet plus main stage started burgeoning with crowd as the sun dropped. ' COONE' who set up the mood as he mesmerized the crowd by playing tracks from his label ' Dirty Workz'  . The Hard Dance Scene trumpet barrier indeed  blew up the attendees with his music.
The Main Stage which has over 15,000 sq.ft of LEDs complete  with pyros, SFX, lighting, state of the art AV, confetti’s, installations crafted by artists from all over the world making it the world’s largest stage and many other experiences for the fans. 
OLA Sunburn festival 2017 on its first day has created a world class food experience, curated by Eat Play Love. Attendees were welcomed by the Aroma’s of fresh food cooked live and experienced the best of cuisines from Iconic local and national establishments along with culinary delights from around the world. For the first time, sunburn has a sitdown dining experience too, which give the fans comfort to sit, eat and enjoy. 
The other attractions were acts by MAD M.A.C. Akade , TALAMASCA who truly upped the ante on day 1 making people curios for day 2 of the festival.
Sunburn festival – Day 1 will be streamed live on multiple platforms including Facebook with state of the art technology, a multi camera setup and live editing. The previous year saw a phenomenal response to the live stream with a reach of over 55 Million. 
Karan Singh, CEO Sunburn said, “Given the promise to our fans in this new decade, we moved to a new venue surrounded by breath taking view of nature around the festival area. The venue with its natural charm and greenery has attracted more people than we had expected, the accessibility and connectivity to the Oxford Golf Resort has played a major role. The entertainment has just begun and it is astonishing to see the crowd on the first day. We have three more days to go, things look promising and we expect a record breaking attendance over the coming three days leading up to the New Years Eve.“
On  its 11th edition , Ola Sunburn is looking at creating an array of experiences for the attendees that would not only give dance music enthusiasts memories that last a lifetime but also redefine the way entertainment and live music is consumed in the country. Fans can expect a world class experience with on-site luxury camping options, food courts, experience zones, flea markets, chill zones among other things.
This is just a  teaser of things that are to come over the next 3 days.