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“Luck is about embracing opportunities” says Harindra Singh in an exclusive with Impact
8 January, 2018

After 35 years of being in business what’s my take on Good Luck? It’s all about embracing opportunities. If you take an opportunity you may or may not succeed. But if you don’t take it there’s no chance of succeeding. With a bit of common sense the chances you’re going to convert an opportunity into success is high. All of us have the desire to win. If you take an opportunity you’re going to automatically try very hard to win. That’s the learning I've had, and it’s been my guiding light all along.

In order to succeed and grow, your Desire for Success should be greater than your Fear of Failure! In our business of Entertainment, Media and Communications this indicates the importance of staying in touch with products, markets and consumers. People tend to alienate themselves over a period of time and live in ivory towers, relying purely on boardroom discussions. We are here to serve clients, and I make it a point to be involved with clients through the entire process once in a while. I need to stay involved. In a consumer interfacing business like Sunburn and Bollyboom you must stay connected with your audiences. You cannot distance yourself from consumers because risky decisions have to be made promptly by you. You can’t rely on spreadsheets for those decisions. And how do I remain in touch? I go to these events, sometimes hang around there with the young crowd. I don’t sit on the throne, I make friends. I quite often get together with my kids and their friends. If you’re going to sell to them you need to know them. So in a way, my clients and audiences are also my good luck charm!