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Percept Live’s FLY takes Mumbaikars and Bengalurians on a fun, nostalgic trip with Boyzlife
21 May, 2018

On Saturday 19 May evening, Mumbaikars were transported to the ‘90s as Boyzone’s Keith Duffy and Westlife’s Brian McFadden performed live as a part of their Boyzlife tour. Post a meet-and-greet session with their fans, the duo opened the night with Westlife’s ‘When You’re Looking Like That’ and moved on to ‘My Love’, ‘I’m Never Gonna Say Goodbye’ and Boyzone’s all-time hits, ‘Baby Can I Hold You Tonight’, ‘Love Me For A Reason’ and ‘No Matter What’. The evening opened with an act by Mumbai-based band, Paratra and singer-songwriter Rooshabh Doshi’s performance. Dressed in all-black, former boy-band stars effortlessly rocked the night just like the ‘90s and left the fans asking for more. 

Preenu Abraham, a resident of Powai, who had come with his wife, said, “We were listening to these guys when the ‘90s kids were in their nappies. In fact my wife had, in 2000, recorded a cassette with their songs and gifted it to me while we were in college. I’m so excited to see them perform live. It’s a pity that boy bands are not the same anymore.” Advertising professional Ria Doshi, who had come for the concert along with her mother and sister, said, “I just love their vibe. All this while, we have been hoping that Westlife and Boyzone come to India, but with this, we’ve got a bit of both. Bands have a formal feel to them nowadays. The way these guys were having fun, I don’t think their younger counterparts can claim the same nowadays.” Her mother, Beena, who attended a live gig for the first time, said, “Westlife was one of my favourite bands and I’m here for them. My favourite by these guys is ‘Uptown Girl’… I may attend more concerts from now on.”
Sunday, 20 May saw the Boyzlife duo rock the city of Bengaluru as they belted out their popular chart busters to the massive crowd that had come to witness the nostalgia and memories of the 90s. It was refreshing to see the two take to the stage with a relaxed confidence — at times, sitting down to narrate a few stories behind their songs, or walked in and out of the stage to make dramatic re-appearances. They also interacted with the crowd with the usual sing-along. Keith dedicated a song to his late band member, Stephen Gately. The two also did a co-ordinated dance on ‘Love Me For A Reason’. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly their performance to ‘Words’ and the finale song, ‘Uptown Girl’. Revellers at the concerts had one thing in common to say about the duo, ‘They don’t make ’em like that anymore!’ Boyzone, which completes 25 years this year, will set out on an anniversary tour later this year and release their final album post which they will disband. Keith had told us earlier, “We’ve had 25 amazing years and we promise our fans that this will be our biggest and best year yet!”