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Popularity Breeds Criticism and Sunburn has no exception: Harindra Singh, CMD, Percept India
29 October, 2018

Hyderabad : In India people hardly consume food at events. India eat, drink and they go to concerts.  But, Sunburn changed this and now Indian youth eat, drink at music festivals. Still just five percent event goers consume at events unlike other countries said Harindra Singh, the man behind Sunburn, world’s 3rd largest music festival.

Talking about ticket sales, there are some people who buy tickets and go to events. And there are others who can’t buy. In some cases they extract tickets from organisers.  But, Sunburn changed that too.
Sunburn Music Festival is a life lifetime experience. Over the last 11years, it  has grown into this dominant force of the electronic dance scene in India. Harindra Singh, one of India’s biggest known global showman shared Sunburn’s journey, bumpy rides in an interactive session with 100 plus event managements professionals here in the city at Cyber Conventions at Madhapur on Friday evening
Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is basically music without lyrics — it’s groovy and trendy. Sunburn Festival cut across regional, linguistic, political, religious and ethnic boundaries to bring together a diverse mix of music lovers from countries around the world to India.
Sunburn Festival in Pune was a terror target for Hindu Right-Wing Group Sanatan Sanstha. They alleged that we were destroying INDIAN Culture. Moghuls ruled India for 150 years, Britishers for 200 years. They couldn’t destroy our culture. How could a festival of four days can destroy culture he asked.
Eric Keijer, General Manager of Sensation, the world’s leading Dance event also shared their journey.
Popularity Breeds Criticism and we had no exception. We have faced all kinds of difficulties. We had to change the venue after ten long years from Goa to Pune. We still survived. Harder they troubled us, bigger we became he told  his audience.
No festival  in the world moved its location ever succeeded, he told gathering
Some politicians demanded a crore rupees or else threatened us to put in jail. Police for bandobasth at some events demanded a crore rupees.  Today we reach 1.27million through our festival, reach 300 million through social media. We spend Rs 130 crore through our sponsors.   This year we are doing 104 events across India. We are in Hyderabad because of the state government, Harindra Singh told.
The interactive session with these two stalwarts was organized jointly by EEMA—The Event and Entertainment Management Association and TEEMA, The Telangana Events and Exhibition Management
Eric Keijer, the World’s biggest Sensation man from the world’s leading Dance Event shared how they turned Amsterdam stadium rave into a global phenomenon.  Sensation is the widely spread dance music events in the world.  It has been to 34 countries.  Today it is “World’s Dance Event”.  Founded by ID & T, which is now a leading events management organization behind other big festivals including Tomorrowland and Mysteryland.
We too had bumpy rides. Amsterdam organises 800 festivals in a year. And we had really managed to survive and succeed he shared