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Ruling MLAs hail return of Sunburn in Goa
31 January, 2019

PANJIM: The ruling legislators have hailed government’s attempt to revive electronic dance music (EDM) festivals in the State with in-principle nod granted to hold Sunburn Klassique at Vagator next month.   

Town and Country Planning Minister, Vijai Sardesai has backed the return of EDM in the form of Sunburn Klassique claiming both Goa and the event need each other. 
“EDMs are a necessity. People, especially of the younger generation want EDMs to be organized here. Goa is a happening place and ‘brand Goa’ sells so even though Sunburn may have gone outside, for Sunburn to become a success they require to have the name Goa and Goa also needs Sunburn because it brings in tourism footfalls. I think notwithstanding all the issues, EDMs has to be allowed in Goa within the parameters of the law. It brings business for local traders and footfalls to Goa,” he said. 
Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte and BJP legislator Glenn Ticlo also echoed this view citing that the event will help tourism bounce back in the State. 
“Tourism is already on the decline. We need an event that can attract domestic tourists who can spend. Lot of things have to be done so that we can promote tourism and we can have Goa coming on this type of maps, and therefore I feel these type of events will help tourism industry get a life which today is finding difficult,” Khaunte said.
“This is an event I have been looking forward to. It is a big entertainment many people come to Goa for and it also helps generating lot of revenue for the tourism traders,” Ticlo said. 
The State government, earlier this month, granted in principle approval to the new version of Sunburn called Sunburn Klassique. Percept has decided that the two-day weekend event on February 23-24. Sunburn EDM had been discontinued since last three years as input costs during that period of the year was higher than usual.