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The ‘Sun’ will still ‘burn’ in Feb, feel EDM lovers
20 February, 2019

The punch lines are simple- There is Music, there is Shopping, there is food but there is maximum inter-connection between fusion of people, artists, DJs, and business minds. But there’s perhaps a catch. Sunburn was synonymous with partying in Goa in the Christmas to New year eve week. Te whole world, as they said once, used to be in Goa and many came just for sunburn. When it moved out of Goa, after a fall out of sorts with the government over issues, including unpaid bills, the jury was out over who lost out, the organisers of Sunburn or the Goa government. In the end, it’s fair to say EDM lovers lost out. This time, with Sunburn in February, it could cut both ways- give a much needed boost to a slack tourism season or get affected by it.

However, those Café spoke to, looked forward to the return of Sub burn
Director of Tourism Sanjeev Ghadkar has stated, “The event is promoted in the interest of tourism in Goa and the proposal has been received from the party to hold it in February. As for the crowd, it will definitely be there.”
DJ Eldrin Fernandes agrees that parties do not have a specific time, “It can happen anytime. At times we need to be spoilt for our choice. Sunburn makes you live, love, and dance. But yeah this time Sunburn is during the exam season. They’ll be losing out on quite a few of the young crowd, but I guess it won’t make a huge difference, as there will be an inflow of tourists”
Goa is no longer a place where seasonal tourists visit; it’s become a touristic place all round the year. Perhaps Sunburn shifting to February is a good plan.
Singer and Music Composer Varun Carvalho was pleased at Sunburn coming back to Goa in the month of February. “I feel it is a good thing because Goans can once again listen and learn from the top DJ’s in the world. I guess the timing could have been a bit better on account of the exams that will be happening simultaneously, and also people who travel for work. I do feel the Goa government should put in more time in scheduling the music festivals to the best suited time of the year”.
Celebrity Choreographer Sonia Jaffer, understands the vibe of Sunburn and connects to its security aspects as well. “To me it does not make a difference when Sunburn takes place. The perspective is not whether it will affect exam goers because there is distraction all the year round. If someone does not want to be distracted, then they don’t get distracted, and if someone is looking for a distraction then anything can be made the source, whether it’s Sunburn or the phone in your hand.” According to her experience, it all depends on how customer friendly the organisers will make the event this year.
Along with that she addresses her concerns for strict identification. “A lot of Under-18 make it inside and even have access to alcohol. As far as I have hoped, Sunburn along with its excitement and fun should display itself as a responsible music festival.” she adds.
Nandan Kuchadkar, Chairman Kudchadkar Group of Companies expresses, “Sunburn is – MADE IN GOA, and the vibe of this festival when it happens in Goa is surreal. Music festivals with installations of this nature are need of the hour to promote Goa – just not February – I wish the organisers of sunburn have a festival like this every month , it would take Goa tourism to a different level – viva Goa!”