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Khushi Singh, AVP - Events & Experience, Percept ICE featured in the LuxeBook "Top-50 Most Powerful Women of 2020"
17 March, 2021

Khushi Singh, AVP - Events & Experience, Percept ICE  featured in the LuxeBook "Top-50 Most Powerful Women of 2020"

Khushi Singh has a Bachelor's degree in  Management Studies from the University of Mumbai and has a Master's in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management from Istituto Marangoni in Milan. She started her career at Percept Limited and managed a diverse portfolio. As part of Percept/H, the flagship advertising agency of Percept, she strategised brand campaigns for FedEx, Aamby Valley City, Ditto TV and Panasonic; and was instrumental in developing a strategy plan for the company's intellectual property, Sunburn.

In 2014, as the Vice President — Percept Weddings, she handled numerous high-profile weddings, and in 2016, she headed the Luxury & Weddings division of Percept ICE. Some of the projects she managed, included the Puravankara wedding in Bengaluru, the Vellodi & Reddy wedding in Chennai, the Agarwal wedding in Mumbai, the Aqeel wedding in Chennai, the Gupta wedding in Jaipur, Lord Paul's grandson - Akhil Paul's wedding in Budapest, and the wedding of Tanya Ganwani and Rajiv Varma in Montreux, Switzerland.

"Luxury means different things to different people, and as a luxury event manager, one needs to adjust one's approach and perspective while working on different projects. My experiences in this industry have led me to the belief, that truly, luxury is in the finer details. Luxury is not about being over the top or ostentatious. To the contrary, for me, luxury is a state of mind achieved by embracing the belief that less is more," she says.