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Emraan’s noble gesture
29 December, 2011

The actor goes out of his way to fulfill the late Shamin Desai's dream project. 

Buzz is that Emraan Hashmi is going out of his way to complete late Shamin Desai's Raftaar 24x7. Booked till the end of 2012, Hashmi has apparently agreed to shoot five songs in the film, which is now titled Play, free of charge.The project about the electronic media and its cut-throat competition has been troubled from the start.
Star appeal
Last year, the director Desai fell ill and passed away. But now the producer, Shailendra Singh has decided to complete the film and release it, riding on Hashmi's ample stardom to see the film obtain a sizeable audience. The five songs with Hashmi are composed by Pritam.
Singh says, "Emraan is a very busy and successful star. The fact that he is co-operating in making Shamin's dream come true for the sake of his wife and family shows his compassionate nature. And we feel music, Pritam and Emraan go hand in hand.".