Percept in the News

Globally sunburnt
28 December, 2011

The Sunburn festival that kicked off in Goa on December 27 is all set to go international. The cult festival will be held in Goa and Bali come 2012. Confirms Shailendra Singh, the Joint MD, Percept, “Yes, we’re going to take Sunburn to Bali next year, followed by Sri Lanka, Dubai and Malaysia. We want to promote local talent.” Sunburn loyalists currently in Goa talk about the festival. “I’ve been attending Sunburn for the past four years. I’m excited to be a part of the festival. I have been to Bali, it’s a great place. If the festival takes place there, I will go,” says Sannath Shetty, an entrepreneur. Most regulars are open to change, and a new location sounds welcoming. “This is my second time at Sunburn. The experience of being a part of it is quite overwhelming,” says Nidhi Udani, an engineer. “If it is held in Bali next year, I would like to go there. The place is beautiful, the experience is new and the festival vibrant.” It’s not just the music; it’s about the ‘place’, the environment and bumping into friends. “For me, it’s about meeting friends. I don’t think I can expect the same to happen at Bali. I’m going back to Goa in 2012,” says Preetham M, a student, who is looking forward to the Infected Mushroom performance this year. Agrees law student Nikhita Lakshmikanth, who is at Sunburn for the music. “This year, there is a pretty good line-up at the festival — I love Liquid Soul and Above and Beyond. I’ll be meeting a lot of my friends from Delhi and Mumbai there. But, I don’t think I will head to Bali next year. I might explore some other music festivals,” she adds. .