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Outdoor industry has been flagging but we are optimistic: Sanjay Pareek, President, Percept OOH
28 December, 2011

Since its inception in 2003, Percept Out-of-home has undergone number of changes, even its name has changed thrice to date. But there is still hope says Sanjay Pareek , president, Percept Out-of-home. The outdoor industry has been flagging for a while but Pareek is optimistic about the future. He gets candid with ET about what lies ahead. Excerpts.

What do you think is plaguing the Indian outdoor space today?
There are a couple of reasons - there is no regulation in this space, no coherence across the country on the medium, creativity of communication for billboards is missing and the inventory owners are just a handful who are not willing to adjust. This keeps the prices high and therefore consolidation does not happen. The outdoor industry internationally is very well regulated. This enables the media to be measured accurately and clients know how much bang they are getting for their buck.
Do you think there is a possibility of things changing in India?
It is very difficult because everybody who is involved in the industry do not look at outdoor as their priority. It is at the end of their to-do list. And only if stakeholders look at it seriously and work towards it can things change.
What is Percept doing to tackle the problems?
We continue to do regular work. Apart from that we have also developed Program Online Tool that helps in categorization of outdoors. Outdoors are categorized like A+, A, B+ and so on and this helps in finding the best outdoor location for the client in the Top 15 markets. We are also building an internal integration and planning team, who can help the client utilize the various resources of Percept OOH to get the best output for the brand.
How is the Percept OOH business growing?
Our retail and rural divisions have been growing 100% since last 2 years and with the new tools for outdoor we expect to register decent growth for the outdoor division this year. Talent is another big problem in the outdoor space. The people in this industry are the same who have been around since ages, they just shift from one agency to another, there is no new talent or new ideas coming into the business and that is also detrimental. At Percept we have now decided to take a lot of management trainees so that we can get fresh talent and they can then be trained to grow internally.