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Ad Review: Samsung takes forward the ‘smartness’ peg
26 December, 2011

Despite bringing the world in your palm, Smart Phones still have a long way to go in the Indian markets. Forming a mere 7 per cent of the total mobile volumes, smart phones have not really caught attention of every mobile user in India. A leader in the smart phone category, Samsung has now launched its new television commercial drive for its Galaxy Y and Wave Y Smartphones to set the pace for Gen Y to make a shift from feature to smart phones. The campaign has been created by Cheil Worldwide India. Sharing the idea behind the brief, Samsung in an official communiqué conveys, “Our research led us to the insight “Aapke pass nahin hai kya…?” which was gained through our interactions with college students and newbie executives. Today’s Gen Y is extremely serious about not wanting to be left behind; they are also the earliest adopters of new technologies. These inferences matched with what was being offered by the new Samsung Smart phones Samsung Galaxy Y & Wave Y presented us with the opportunity to lead the consumer to make a shift from feature phones to an accessible Smart phone. With the - Now you have the freedom to Change to Smart concept, we have rekindled the fire for Smartphones for Generation Y.” Sharing the brief and insight behind the creative implementation, Varun Arora, Executive Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide, remarked, “Currently out of the 600 million odd phone users in India only 7% use smartphones. Samsung is perceived to be a leader in the smartphone category. There's a great opportunity for the brand to convert people to smartphones with Galaxy Y. The main insight thus was to attack the old 'mindset' that resists evolving to smartphones. The messaging in all three commercials is simple: if you don't have a smartphone, you're not with it (you're outdated). The campaign also has an undertone of ‘You don't have to be rich to be smart’ which is conveyed through the ‘chai ki tapri’ film.” Experts Speak: The smart situations and smartness of protagonists do not seem to impress the creative minds of the industry. They also feel that the features showcased in the film are nothing new and would not really entice consumers to make a switch to smart phones. Commenting on the films, Rajiv Agrawal, Executive Creative Director, Percept/H, said, “The ‘smartness’ platform, which is nice, could have been executed in a refreshing way. The execution idea of ‘playing a smart one’ and the situations that have been chosen are so contrived and done to death, same goes for ‘uncle’ bit towards the end in the ‘chai’ film.” Our take: Both the ads bring out very simple situations in life where a smart phone maybe a quick and handy solution to the problem. The basic objective of the brand – to entice consumers to switch from normal phones to smart phones – is executed without much fuss in a light hearted manner. The situations adopted however, like that of a college girl teasing a man or an office guy mocking his boss, have been implemented before and do not offer anything new. The ads entertain, but do not stand out amongst dozens of mobile ads already beaming on television and does not make one get up and quickly go and check out the features of the mobile. Stars: 2.5 out of 5 .