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Good feelings
25 December, 2011

“My friend told me about software which you could create music without playing any instruments. So I downloaded the demo to try and do a remix of an old video game track,” this was the beginning of DJ Avicii, who is now the worlds sixth best DJ and was in the city recently for a show at EZone before he pushed off to Goa to play at Sunburn in Goa. He has been producing music everyday since: “Initially I was only producing music; I got into Djing through my manager who showed me what to do and how to do it.” Being a DJ may look like a week-long party that continues week upon week, but it is hard work, and one must have the determination to put in long hours of work, according to DJ Avicii. “You need to be good at what you do, but simultaneously get to know people in the industry, send around promos to DJ's, etc. Another good idea is to get in touch with big blogs and ask them to post your stuff. You obviously wouldn't make any money that way, but then again who does nowadays anyway? The key is to be discovered just like it's always been – so do all you can.” DJ Avicii's song “Levels” was remixed and given new life by Flo Rida in the song, “Sometimes I get A Good Feeling” and about these artist collaborations he says, “I think its all about your personal choice, if a DJ collaborating with a particular artist would be good and could come up with something that the audience is going to love they should just go ahead.” For his first time in India, Avicii is visibly thrilled and about playing for an audience in a different country. He says, “Well the plan is just go on stage and let my audience have an awesome time, give my best. Yes, of course it is another experience playing in a different country. The vibe, the people, the place is all new when you play for the first time. But I love doing this and will continue for a long time now.” DJ Avicii is of late a busy man with shows lined up across the globe, but he would never give up an opportunity to create good music. “As of now I am really busy with my tours and shows as various festivals and I cannot confirm my collaboration with Indian artists, but surely in the future something might materialise. I am hoping to make myself familiar with Indian tunes and see if anything could be incorporated in my kind of music.” .