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B-town at Sunburn Festival in Goa
29 December, 2010

The beaches of Goa have been rocking for the past two days, and its left thousands of people 'sunburnt'. That's right the annual Sunburn festival, listed as the seventh most popular festival in the world by a TV channel and Asia's no 1, ends today, and apart from music lovers from all over the country and the world, it's also attracted the stars

Vivek Oberoi has confirmed his presence, and Shailendra Singh, the organizer of the festival, told TOI that Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, Sonam and Anil Kapoor were also expected to be there either yesterday or today. Featuring some of the most exciting musical acts from around the world, Sunburn has featured eight out of the world's top ten DJs in the last three years. "I don't pay them big money. My economics don't allow it. They want to play in Sunburn it's a cult brand," says Singh. This year, Singh's son, 15 year old Shaan, is debuting as a DJ he's playing this afternoon at the 120 foot Caterpillar stage at the festival, and that might make him the youngest DJ ever to play at an international electronic music festival.

"Last year, when Sunburn ended, people had withdrawal symptoms. They didn't leave Goa. It's just a lifestyle you live the journey through music. You're allowed to be who you want to be. You decide what you want to do. At sunset, there's a DJ mixing the saxophone, you can go paragliding, rock climbing, eating, play table tennis on the beach. My mother's 68, and she goes to Sunburn, wears dark glasses too!" says Singh.