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Samsung launches Sambandh Utsav campaign in MP
19 December, 2009

Percept Out Of Home’s vertical – Percept Rural – is executing a month-long Samsung Sambandh Utsav campaign across the districts of Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The campaign will continue till January 3, 2010 and will witness three branded vehicles visiting these three districts. 

The Samsung Sambandh Utsav campaign has been launched with an objective to create awareness for Samsung’s new series of ‘Marine Phones’ and strengthen Samsung’s association in the Madhya Pradesh market.

As part of this campaign, the promoters will interact with the audiences on an individual basis through interactive games. The games will also revolve around the Samsung phone products and their distinctive features. There will also be live demos of the new Marine phone, which is water resistant. This consumer engagement programme will serve to increase awareness and enforce brand positioning for Samsung. 

Commenting on this campaign, Rajesh Amla, Head, Percept Rural, said, “Samsung as a brand is perceived to be consumer friendly in terms of their products, promotional campaigns and pricing. The Samsung Sambandh Utsav is an extension of their vision to connect directly with the consumer. We were given set objectives and had to work around the logistics pertaining to the execution of the campaign within the identified geographical locations.” 

“Percept Rural is focusing exclusively on smaller cities, towns and villages as that is the potential mass market that is waiting to be tapped. The rural initiative requires completely different and innovative mediums to communicate with consumers in this space,” continued Amla. 

The Samsung Sambandh Utsav is an attempt to create a bond between the customer and the client. The campaign will also felicitate existing Samsung phone patrons, and offer a social status to them by giving them special discounts and extending promotional offers to their family and friends.