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Percept D'Mark COO Manuj Agarwal - We expect 40,000 people over three days at Sunburn this time
26 November, 2009

In a short span of three years, Sunburn has become synonymous with electronic dance music festival - the only one of its kind in India.

Property of Percept D'Mark, Sunburn is getting recognised by international media and artistes for its festive focus. Some of the big names like Karl Kox, John Fleming, Armin Van Burren have already performed here. Despite the high ticket prices, the number of people attending the festival has gradually increased - which also makes Sunburn one of the most sucessful 'ticketed' events in India. What makes Sunburn unique? And why do people throng to Goa when it's December?

Percept D'Mark COO Manuj Agarwal speaks with's Chirag Sutar on what went behind developing this music festival, the long term focus which proved beneficial and about the scope of electronic dance music in India. Is this the next thing?

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