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Clea PR on an aggressive hiring & expansion mode-rewards employees with substantial increments
22 November, 2008

The US sub-prime crisis, the downfall of the Great Indian Stock Market, job layoffs, salary cuts, low increments, recruitment freezes... are all the order of the day as far as the Indian Corporate Sector is concerned. 
Amidst this gloom and pessimism, one organisation seems to be taking a completely contrarian stance. Clea Public Relations, one of India’s largest and premier PR and Communications Firms and a part of the multi-billion dollar Percept Group, has just announced upto 100% increments for its employees. Announcing this on Diwali, at a countrywide teleconference involving over 200 people across 33 locations, Vinod G. Nair, Managing Director said “Now is the time! Recession or no recession, the need for cost effective services like ours is only going to rise. I want to reassure every one of you that apart from virtually doubling your salaries, we are also investing in opening up 25 new branches, recruiting at least 60 more people and investing heavily into technology and software in the coming 18 months.” Even personnel who were not due for increments have been given substantial raises and already, new people are being inducted. 

A delighted Apeksha Gupta, who joined Clea just a few months back says - “I was so surprised and happy to receive my out-of-turn increment. Not only is it substantial and unexpected, it helped to reassure me in these times of insecurity that Clea truly cares for our well-being and values us as partners.”

Toral Sanghavi, Director-Mumbai added - “Clea has always been different and has always bucked every trend! I have been here for the past 8 years, and every year has been a surprising and joyous one. In the coming year, we hope to grow by at least 75-80% and the entire team is now motivated and geared to achieve the same” Within a week of the announcements, new upcountry support branches have been opened in Indore, Bhopal, Ratlam, Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur. By the end of the financial year, 12 more satellite operations will be online, taking the total branch strength to 50, making it the largest self-owned PR network in India. Funds for the expansion and technology upgradation are being put in as additional equity by the promoters. 

Clea PR is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Percept Group that offers a plethora of services ranging from Public Relations, Media Relations and Dissemination, Film Production, Marketing Consultancy, Celebrity PR, Visual Communication & Design, Brand Custodial Services and Market Research. With offices in 33 cities across the country and employing over 200 experts, Clea handles over 125 brands and corporates and is acknowledged as the Indian pioneer of planned and strategic PR that is measurable and effective. Let’s hope Clea’s example acts as the beacon of light that will break through the pall of gloom that is enshrouding the corporate sector.