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PDM to handle opening ceremony for ICL Season 2; ICL looks to ride on colleges fests
24 September, 2008

PDM India has bagged the mandate to organize the opening ceremony of ICL Season 2 at Hyderabad, on October 10, 2008. Organizers have appointed an internal team to handle match operations, for the entire tournament. 

The event management agency for the closing ceremony will be decided in the coming weeks. The team from ICL will also be managing the BTL promotional activities for the event, which will be predominantly at college festivals. 

Shariq Patel, Senior VP, Marketing and Operations, ICL, said, “Our BTL plan is more college festival-oriented as we feel it will give us the maximum bang for our buck, and also a captive audience. We have a budget of around Rs. 40 to 45 crores. ATL activities will be more extensive. This time, BTL is a very small chunk for us, at somewhere around 5 per cent of the entire pie.” 

On the appointment of PDM India to handle the inaugural ceremony, Patel said, “We realized that for the opening ceremony, we need experts on the same. We had called the top three to four event management agencies, and PDM came out with a nice idea, and also were within our budget and timelines we had. We will decide on the agency for closing ceremony soon.” 

Organizers have tied up with many college festivals across the country for promoting the tournament. Tie-ups are underway to partner with local tournaments too. 

ICL also unveiled the country's first ‘Indian Cheerleading Squad', ‘ICL Zeebras'. Leading the squad will be drama queen Rakhi Sawant, anointed as the ‘Queen Cheerleader'. The squad will have Ritika, Preeti, Jessica, Geeta, Richa, Sharvari, Jayshree and Sangeeta as members. 

“Cheerleading is not just tamasha. It is a sport by itself. Until now, it was the exclusive domain of the international cheerleading troupes. But, thanks to ICL, this country will now have an indigenous cheerleaders’ squad,” quoted Rakhi Sawant, in an official statement. 

All eight members have been personally auditioned and hand-picked by Sawant. The performances of ICLs Zeebras will be choreographed by Mumbai-based choreographer Pratap. The Zeebras will perform in all match venues. ICL matches are to be held in Gurgaon, Panchkula, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.