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Percept H and Percept Pictures receive the ‘BNC COVID Heroes Award’ for Creative Communication via Digital Films
25 May, 2021

Percept H and Percept Pictures received the ‘BNC COVID Heroes Award’ for Creative Communication via the platform of Digital Films for the range of Pro Bono Public Service Films created jointly by them for Government agencies across India. Saluting selfless service, International award-winning media start-up BizNewsConnect (BNC) announced the BNC COVID Heroes Award through their Digital media platform on 25 May 2021.

Percept H and Percept Pictures created a slew of CSR Films in 2020 for the Mumbai Police, Pune Police, Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune Cantonment Board, Pune Collector and the Nashik Police. The objective of these Films was to create mass public awareness on the Covid-19 pandemic, highlight the sacrifice, dedication and tireless efforts of the Frontline Workers, and emphasize the importance of maintaining the ‘Social Distancing’ and ‘Stay at Home’ rules laid down by the Government.

Over the past year these emotive films have garnered a great following on various social media handles. The Pune Collectorate film garnered 1.7 million views on Force Motor’s FB platform & generated 634 shares. Most importantly, all these films were a wonderful example of successful collaboration between various stakeholders such as businesses with local roots, local politicians and local government administrations under the stewardship of Percept Group.

The BNC ‘Covid Heroes Awards’ were instituted in 2021 to salute the selfless, outstanding performance of frontline warriors, communication professionals and corporates amid the many difficulties faced by everyone during the year long Covid-19 pandemic. The country’s largest PR community Indian PR Forum was the digital partner to these Awards. “These unforeseen and potentially life altering times demand an equally emphatic applause from all of us. BNC, a media start-up that brings to you stories that inspire and connect, has launched a series of COVID Heroes Awards that laud the extraordinary contribution by ordinary people,” said B N Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of The Connect Series.

An independent jury of BNC judged the winners on the basis of their positive response to the lockdown, facilitation of work from home/ business continuity, groups or individuals reaching out to affected communities, helping the people stay connected during the times of social distancing. The winners announced exemplified courage, promoted COVID awareness through unique initiatives, produced innovative business ideas that inspired an industry, and above all, made the best use of the lockdown time by launching novel projects while remaining socially distanced.

The emotive and impactful Percept Films that received the ‘BNC COVID Heroes Award’ included:

1. Mumbai Police Covid Film:

2. Pune Police Film:

3. Pune Police Film:

4. Pune Police Film:

5. Pune Collectorate Film:

6. Thane Police Film:

7. PMC and PCB Film: