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Percept Pictures Presents ‘SUNBURNT’ - The Sunburn Movie
23 November, 2011

Directed by: Shailendra Singh


Percept Pictures, a fully integrated Content Creation, Aggregation and Distribution Company, announces first use generated content film to be shot for the fans and by the fans. Sunburn 2011 will see fans from all across the globe filming their experience at the Asia’s biggest electronic and dance music festival. The short films, uploaded and shared by the thousands of fans, will be compiled and edited together into a 90 minute film. Mr. Shailendra Singh will be the director the film – SUNBURNT. The film is inspired by “Life in a day” by Ridley Scott. .


During his six years working in the movie business, Mr. Singh has been involved in over 50 movies. But this is the first time that he is directing a film. .


On the occasion of the announcement Mr. Shailendra Singh said, “It’s a fan film. Our theme for the film is “a day in your life at Sunburn”. Fans will have a chance to shoot a 9 minute short film for submission. It is yet another way of Sunburn to express the spirit of music through the eyes of the fans, who live these three days of the festival like it was a lifetime. This film will be a one of a kind experiment and it should be an amazing experience to watch it take shape.”


He added “This is new. It is an engaging concept for the Sunburn fans at the festival. We have noticed that the fans do capture a lot of video content and they somewhere have the urge of sharing as well. Through SUNBURNT they get an opportunity to capture and share their SUNBURN experience with the whole world. For me, it is challenging in an interesting way. It will somewhere define how entertainment consumption in the digital space is evolving”. .