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Sunburn 2009 - much more than just music
28 December, 2009

This year sunburn is back. But bigger, more improved and much better organised. 
“In this business experience counts a lot,” says joint managing director, Percept, Mr Shailendra Singh. Adding that they have drawn on experience in terms of organisation from such shows from all over the world. “Precept believes in learning from established internationals festivals. Why should we reinvent the wheel,” he argues.
“For the first two years, we were entertainment. But now besides becoming customer friendly, we have graduated to being an experience,” he points out.
This year sunburn security has been enhanced quite a bit. “Technology has been taken to the next level. We have 24 hour CCTVs, sniffer dogs, the works,” he informs. Sunburn has a First Aid counter, medical centre, Tops Security from Mumbai, the Goa Police, Black Cat, and watchtowers.
“We are trying to make this as secure a zone as possible,” said Mr Singh. “We intend to make it safe. We have fire engines backstage too.”
Sunburn also has a very large food court, Goan shopping experience, and multiple watering holes.  
“We are also trying to make it a very sporting environment and volleyball match,” he informs. “Also there are exit points at various places in case of any emergency.”  Compared to last year because of the size we have been extra cautious,” he says. “Last time we had 45 staff , but this year have at least 150 staff members in attendance.”
“We have also learned how the traffic flows and specially crowd control has been improved this year. We have flown in two technical advisors from Germany and London,” he says.
In its third year since inception, Sunburn, property of Percept, in partnership with Nikhil Chinapa, has pulled a coup of sorts as World’s No 1 DJ, Armin van Buuren will headline the festival. And Grammy award winner/house legend, DJ Roger Sanchez will co-headline along with Sander Van Doorn. Sunburn 2009, has also invited global clubbing brand and dance behemoth Gatecrasher for the label stage. Located by the seaside in Goa, The Sunburn Festival has become a hotspot for electronic music lovers from across the world, with the festival offering a unique mix of leading Indian and international performers accompanied by a perfect beach setting.  
Taking this lifestyle experience forward, Sunburn 2009 will be about much more than just music. The festival has a flea market with close to sixty stalls, a food world where cuisine from across the world is being served and also a rock-climbing wall and volleyball matches on the beach. The festival consolidates the best global talent from India and abroad, with the intention of celebrating music, celebrating life and fostering a sense of healthy community and harmony. This year festival goers will also be treated to a visual feast with a never seen before laser light show across the main stages.