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Percept Talent Management and Hansa announce CelebtrackTM Wave II results, M S Dhoni tops power list
7 October, 2009

After the successful launch of CelebtrackTM wave I, Percept Talent Management, and Hansa Research, the leaders in the field of Talent Management and Media Research respectively, now unveil the second wave results of CelebTrackTM – World’s deepest, widest and largest research wave on celebrities.
CelebTrackTM Wave II is even richer, more informative and more insightful than its first edition as it has added to its kitty more genres, enhanced & better probing techniques.  reducing time per interview and increased effectiveness.
CelebtrackTM is the outcome of comprehensive and tamper-proof data gathering method from over 12,000 respondents [Urban, All Adults, SEC ABCD and 15-50 years] across India in a period of two waves annually. It represents and covers most of India [excluding North-East & Kashmir]. The research reveals the position of celebrities on 5 key parameters namely; Media presence, Popularity, Image attributes, Power of persuasion and over exposure. They together determine the Celebrity Power Score [CPS] of more than 400 celebrities across the country and around 150 per reported market. These celebrities are from the arena of movies, cricket, other sports, music and television. It includes national, regional and local favourite stars. 
The CelebtrackTM model covers 25 image attributes and covers persuasion power of stars on 6 categories which would help brands to decide on the most appropriate celeb for endorsements. This tool would help Brands across to reap higher returns on investment by making an informed choice of celebrity.
CelebtrackTM  runs on a state of art, user friendly software which allows brand representatives to define their own weights for various parameters and calculate the CPS (Celebrity Power Scores) which best represents their brand needs It is sure to create intense impact in the market and give a a competitive edge to the clients  of Percept Talent management.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Manish Porwal, CEO, Percept Talent Management, said, “In a short 6 month period, CelebTrackTM has clearly been recognized as the sole currency for evaluating stars and their influence over consumers. We are happy that PTM is able to make this leadership contribution towards providing the industry with the science, it required to grow, from here on. Our clients now make informed & learned decisions, rather than relying on gut & anecdotal learning only. On the other hand, our celebrities can benchmark themselves vis-à-vis their audience and accordingly price their involvement with brands.”