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Percept/H showcases Bharti's new brand philosophy through a 90-Seconder
18 November, 2008

After unveiling their new identity last week, Bharti Enterprises now showcases their brand belief 'Big Transformations through Brave Actions' via a 90-second TV spot.
The spot, conceptualized by Percept/H, highlights Indians who have made India proud through the ages; their brave actions that altered the course of history. The film features Aryabhatta, Sushruta, Jagdish Bose, Vinod Dham and Mahatma Gandhi.
This inspirational film begins with Aryabhatta, who 1500 years ago, introduced 'Zero' that transformed the way the world counts. Followed by Sushruta - The father of Surgery, Jagdish Bose - Invented wireless communication, Vinod Dham - Inventor of the computer chip and Mahatma Gandhi - Reformer through Non- violence. This film also urges Indians to come together and unleash their potential in a manner that shapes the destiny of a nation, and the world at large.
Said Mr. Prabhakar Mundkur, CEO, Percept/H, "The mandate from Bharti was to express their brand belief, that every Indian has the potential to make a path breaking contribution to the world, so it provides a platform to unlock this potential."
Mr. Mundkur further explains, "We decided to delve into our past to come up with real stories of remarkable Indians who have altered history through their brave actions and we zeroed in on Aryabhatta, Sushruta, Jagdish Bose, Vinod Dham and Mahatma Gandhi, each of whom have contributed hugely to altering our way of life."
Mr Dilip Marathe, Creative Head, Percept/H explains, "With a philosophy that big and powerful, we did not have to look any further. Showcasing our leaders seemed to be the most obvious and the most powerful creative strategy. The idea was simple and the trick was to keep the execution equally simple”.  
This project was led by Samarth Shrivastava, Associate Vice President and Nidhi Mehra, Senior Copywriter.
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