Press Releases

Mirah Group appoints Perspectrum Consultancy for IMC solutions
23 September, 2008

Perspectrum Consultancy, a division of Percept Limited, has won the prestigious business of Mirah Group. The Group is a diversified conglomerate engaged in Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Entertainment, Wind Energy Generation, Computer Education, Textiles, Corporate Gifting and International Trading. 

Commenting on the win, Evarist Rego, COO, Perspectrum said, “Mirah Group is one of those low profile conglomerates who have built  their INR 3 billion empire without creating major buzz in the media. However, with their business focus on consumer-centric verticals like Hospitality and Entertainment, Mirah Group is all set to add a new chapter to their business growth. We,  at Perspectrum ,  are very glad to have got the opportunity to create valuable assets for Mirah Group in these 2 business verticals.” 

Perspectrum will bring in a 360-degree integrated marketing approach to assist Mirah Group, build strong working brands, in their Hospitality and Entertainment verticals. They will assist the group to extend their arm in the entertainment industry with film based production content, distribution, etc. In the Hospitality business, Perspectrum would assist the group to extend their existing restaurant business (fine dining and fast food) and 3 & 4 star hotel business to different parts of India and abroad.