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Percept/H wins a ‘Special Mention’ at the esteemed ‘ABP Concerned Communicator Awards’
11 November, 2013

Percept/H – Lucknow won a ‘Special Mention’ at the esteemed ‘ABP Concerned Communicator Awards 2012-13’ for their unique and impactful Print ad titled ‘Male Child’. 
The simple, yet effective ad focused on the issues of female infanticide and how these unethical practises were affecting the population going forward. The hard hitting copy simply stating ‘Save The Male Child...Their days are numbered if you continue killing the girl child’ had a profound effect on the Jury to earn Percept H the distinctive title. The talented team at Percept/H – Lucknow instrumental in conceptualizing, designing and creating this print ad included Sachindra Misra, Senior Creative Director; Gaurav Mishra, Senior Art Director; and Prarthana Prasad, Copy Supervisor. Instituted by the Patrika group in 1997, the Concerned Communicator Award (CCA) is one of the most awaited and prestigious Social Advertising Awards based on philanthropic issues. The concept has received appreciation across the world and the most distinguished celebrities, intellectuals, socially active role models and organizations from across the world have come forward whole-heartedly to associate with this award. After over a decade of successful campaigns and overwhelming participation, CCA stands as the most celebrated Social Advertising awards from India and is today acknowledged at a global level. This year over 2,000 entries were received from across 18 countries including India, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Egypt, France, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sultanate of Oman, Thailand and UAE.