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Asia’s #1 Festival - Sunburn Goa 2013 – opens with a Massive Bang!
27 December, 2013

Throughout its entire Season 7, Sunburn has been redefining and reloading the EDM music festival experience. Their flagship festival, Sunburn Goa, is no exception. From the day they sold out Early Bird tickets, Sunburn promised that Sunburn Goa 2013 would be ‘bigger and better’. And there is no question that it is. Day 1/ Dec 27, proved that there can only be one #1 Festival in Asia. 

“The entire Sunburn team, some 3,000 people strong, have been working day and night to make this the most incredible festival in theworld”, says Shailendra Singh, Inceptor of Sunburn. “The fans will let us know if we have done it, but, I personally am incredibly proud of Sunburn Goa 2013. And it’s only Day 1!” 
Before the gates even opened at 12:00pm, there were already thousands of Sunburners waiting outside ready to Live.Love.Dance. Some headed straight for the Flutterby Stage, the first stage to open. Others went direct to the food court, or grab a bite before starting their day and some to theflea market for early shopping. Volleyball tournaments started, Zorbing ball 9 pin was played and kites were flown. For the best view of the festival, adventurers either rode India’s tallest giant wheel, or went straight to the top of the 300 foot bungee jumping tower. 
Up the hill and to the highest point in the festival, Sunburners made sure not to miss the sunset over the Arabian Sea. Watching the Champion Sunburn cruises taking off from the shoreline and seeing the entire festival stretched across 500,000 sq meters below, one fan from England said, ““It’s just so beautiful. With the music and old friends and the new friends and the sunset. . . I feel like we are all living in this moment, together, as one”, says one fan from London. “I have to thank Sunburn for this.”
They crossed all over the venue, visiting every stage and having a taste of every genre of EDM music. Full power techno music on the Space Station Stage; breakbeat and drum and bass on the Love Machine Stage; psy and trance on the Space Jungle Stage. Amazing DJs, amazing music, on all 7 festival stages. But when the mainstage opened for business. . . the fans went ballistic! The Dance Temple – Asia’s largest festival stage – had come alive! 
Never before seen scale, the most advanced 4 arrey sound system and the best lights, visuals and pyrotechnics, designed and choreographed by the most innovative designers in the world. Minds were blown. 
On Cubezoid, South African duo Goldfish was the crowd favorite of the evening. Performing live, with classical instruments, on top of funky EDM beats, the fans never stopped dancing. Electric guitar solos, flutes and the signature saxophone, Goldfish brought amazing musical skill and live energy to the festival. 
Shermanology also brought their live vocal skills to Dance Temple Stage. Inspiring the crowd to get down and jump on command, they set the evegy for the Day 1 headliner: Afrojack. With fans stretch from the stage, all the way up the natural ampatheater to the Sunburn lettering, Aforjack made his signature tension filled entrance. Two years ago, at Sunburn Noida 2011, Afrojack had told the crowd, “I’ve DJ’d all over the world. I’ve seen EDC in Las Vegas. I’ve seen Ultra in Miami. I have seen Tomorrowland. But you guys are crazy. Sunburn is up there on the top of festivals! Make some noise for Sunburn!!” In the Sunburn fans showed him the love! With infectious energy and hands in the air, Sunburn Goa closed Day 1. 
On the way out of the venue, some fans had this to say. . . 
One Delhiite said, “I didn’t know what to expect when coming to Sunburn Vagator, but there is no question now – this is the best festival I have ever seen! Why do I need to go to Tomorrowland, when I have Sunburn in my very own country? I’m just blown away.”
Coming all the way from America, one fan said: “I came to the very first edition of Sunburn, in 2007. It changed my life. I started craving for dance music and for the energy that dance music gives. When I come here, I’m allowed to be who I really want to be. No pressures. Just being. I love Sunburn!”