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Sunburn Goa 2013 Has Created History Sunburn Season 7 has touched 18 million global fans.
29 December, 2013

It’s official - Asia is Sunburnt!! Day 3 of Sunburn Goa 2013 was an out of this world experience.  The biggest crowd India has ever seen, came together from all corners of the globe, to be a part of Asia’s #1 Festival. History was created in size and scale and in the emotional connect of Sunburn fans. 

Thomas, Creative Manager for Tuborg Global Creative Group said, “I’m blown away by Sunburn. I’m blown away with the massive emotional power between the fans here. It’s intense. I can feel it all the way into my toes. I think this is the best festival in the world.”
On Day 1 of the festival, before the gates even opened, there were over thousands fans waiting at the box office. With early entry completely unheard of India, Sunburn fans had not wanted to miss a single moment of what promised to be the biggest and best festival Asia had ever seen. As Sunburners toured the Vagator venue, 10 times larger than previous years, saw all 7 stages, including Asia’s largest ever festival stage, heard the game-changing sound from the 4 arrey sound system, and mapped out their experiences for the day – it was instantly apparent why Sunburn is the #1 Festival in Asia. 
With DJ’s like Andrew Rayel, Paul Ritch, Dickster , Shermonology, Apster, and Richard Durand, just to name a few, Sunburn fans joined their favorite DJs for full power dance session and proved that they knew their music. The highlights of Day 1 were the live performance sensation from South Africa – Goldifsh, and the mainstage headliner and returning Sunburn DJ – Afrojack. 
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On Day 2, the fans were again lined up at the gates, ready for an all new lineup of the world’s greatest DJs, and to experience everything that they had missed in the first day. Sunburners were overwhelmed with the amount of experiences on site to keep them busy. To get the best view of the festival below, fans hopped aboard the giant wheel, the hot air balloon or, for adrenaline junkies, up 300 feet onto the bungeejumping tower. Kite flying gave fans a moment of serenity and zorbing 9 pingave more than a few good laughs. Champion Sunburn cruises gave fans a floating party in the Arabian Sea and onsite camping gave a limited number of die-hard festival goers a full-power festival immersion. 
Fans from over 40 countries around the world and over 70 cities across India, had travelled to Vagator to be a part of Sunburn Goa 2013. International flags could be seen waving at the sets of Quitino, Marco Bailey, Miss Nine, Arnej, Ajja, and DJ Fresh. Sunburn resident DJ, Shaan, pulled in a massive crowd for his sundowner set on the Cubezoid stage and Markus Shulz closed a fantastic day 2 with a banging set on the Dance Temple Mainstage. 
Mixmag UK tweeted on their official site: “Shizz is rockin' @sunburnfestival Goa. 170, 000 Indians can't be wrong”
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But Sunburn Goa 2013, Day 3, was out of this universe. With the largest EDM crowds that Asia has ever seen, Sunburn concluded it’s massive Season 7, redefined and reloaded with an atomic explosion! 
During the middle of his record breaking set, to the massive crowd of adoring Sunburn fans, the world’s favorite DJ, Axwell, turned down the music to say, “Sunburn, I have to be honest with you. When I play for the money, I go to Las Vegas. When I play for the holiday, I go to Miami. When I play for love, I go to Sunburn India! There is so much love here tonight!”
And it wasn’t just the mainstage. All 7 stages were packed with fans enjoying every genre of EDM possible. At Space Station, Timo Maas concluded an incredible ‘vintage year’ with a killer set, just before the most respected DJ in the world hit the stage. With his unrivalled skills, Pete Tong and the All Gone Pete Tong stage was absolute magic. 
After watching the brilliant sunset over the Arabian Sea, psy lovers went mad at the Space Jungle stage. Ace Ventura, one of the busiest DJs in the industry, was followed by Starling’s aggressive twilight set. With no intentions of going anywhere else, the fans kept dancing until the very end of Reality Grid’s full-power set. 
House fans has a unbelievable lineup on Cubezoid. Wolf pack made their return to India, after Sunburn B2B. Mark Knight celebrated his 10th year of “Toolroom Knights” with an energetic set. No ID, the Dutch Duo sensation totally killed it, getting the crowd revved up for the final headliner – the hottest House DJ/ Producer Duo on the planet - Prok and Fitch.
Just before 10pm, Sunburn Goa 2013 reached it’s climax. The biggest beats were dropped, the brightest pyrotechnics blasted, the CO2 guns fired, the confetti rained down and fireworks filled the sky. The energy of the Sunburn crowd was palpable. Allsouls were united in celebration, drawn together by the music, the shared experience of the festival and Sunburn. 
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The entire world was watching Sunburn Goa Festival this year. 
While fans danced on the Vagator Hills, the rest of the world watched the Live Feed of the festival and linked in via social media. 
With the fastest growing EDM fan base in the world, Asia’s #1 festival had promised to be the biggest ever. And it was. Sunburn Goa 2013 created history. 
Shailendra Singh, Jt MD of Percept and Inceptor of Sunburn, closed the festival with this though, “The Sunburn fans came together in Goa, from all corners of the world, to show that Sunburn and dance music have the power to unite souls. The spirit of Live.Love.Dance throughout the entire festival was infectious. I truly believe that the love and support of the Sunburn fans will very soon make Sunburn the World’s #1 Dance Music brand.”