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Road To Ultra India – An Epitome Of Success
12 September, 2017

India, September 2017 - It has been quite the year for Road To Ultra, the inventive expansion idea by brands Ultra and Ultra Worldwide, that are behind giant Miami-based electronic music festival Ultra.Bringing the experience to partygoers all around the world through, Road To Ultra, which features top international DJs who play at the three-day American festival, made its debut this year at Mahalaxmi Racecourse on 7th September in Mumbai and India Exposition Mart on 8th September in New Delhi.The instant the event was announced, it was undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest nights for electronic music lovers in the city.

Karan Singh of Percept Live, the sole promoter of the event in India states, “We are extremely elated with the response we received for the debut of Road To Ultra in India.  We couldn’t have asked for a better lineup for the first edition. Electronic music fans in India have always been selective in their choice of events that they prefer to attend, and the turnout today was just another indication of the popularity of the genre.Concerts such as Road to Ultra support the advancement of technology and music with choice of artists of today’s millennial generation and push the boundaries in illuminating live experiences aesthetically. This has truly changed the way people experience live music. We are thankful to the local authorities, tourism and all the sponsors and partners without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible. We are hopeful that the coming editions of Road To Ultra India will only grow bigger in the scale and on ground experience"

Headlined by global electronic dance music superstars and Grammy award winning producers The Chainsmokers, the show featured almost every genre you could think of, ranging from ethereal future bass to face-melting dubstep to groovy house. Despite the big ticket names on the card, the night also belonged to underdogs who displayed how incredibly versatile the international electronic music landscape is.
First to take the stage was the only Indian female DJ on the line-up Siana Catherine. Not only was her set through the roof with deafening kicks and belligerent grooves, but it was an absolute triumph to witness a female DJ headline an Ultra stage. An interesting sight was to a handicapped man having the time of his life   on his wheelchair submerging himself in the dance music euphoria.
Raiden and Resident DJ of Ultra Mykris followed, transitioning between tracks seamlessly and throwing in great remixes. The crowd was jumping and dancing to every palpable beat. They played a fantastic early capturing the attention of some of the most dedicated dancers in the venue, mixing in commercial favourites to get the crowd prepared for the rest of the night.
Sam Feldt took the stage next. Every electrifying beat that was masterfully remixed was met with dancing from the audience that came to see the 24 year old perform. An aura of happiness followed the young DJ, who periodically slowed down to thank the audience. Feldt’s energy was radiating across the stadium, every dance beat bounced from the walls of the stadium to the palms of the audience. His mix of Mumbai Meri Jaan was the highlight of his set while he invited his good friend DJ Shaan on stage . The final song of the night, a replay of Feldt’s Show Me Love, the song that propelled him to fame made the evening come full circle.
Sam Feldt stated, “It’s always so magical coming to India. The crowd was really fired up. India has been at the forefront of dance music and I first noticed that at Sunburn. It’s high time properties like Ultra made their way to India considering the burgeoning scene here.”
Lost Kings who have managed to generate a considerable buzz in the dance music blogosphere, had the audience going absolutely bonkers as the duo tore it up with a set of party favorite EDM/trap hits including remixes of songs by Rihanna, Above & Beyond and the likes as well as their own tracks.
There was an encore for Getter as choppers circled around the stadium. Getter delivered the most mind-blowing, massive set you could ask for. He expertly flowed between different tempos and dropped at least four different EDM genres – including dubstep, deep house, future bass, and trap – masterfully dovetailing them to unveil aesthetic perfection. He even played three or four dubstep drops with no verses in between, accruing a literal two and a half minute period of straight filth. He shook the crowd with his hit tracks such as Head Splitter Rip n’ Dip, while a standout element of Getter’s performance is his ability to include nostalgic rock songs into his set. On screen was his graffiti-like visuals you’ll find associated with his clothing line, Trippy Burger. One of the most impressive things about his performance was his ability to fluidly transition through genres and tempos without affecting the energy of his audience.
Getter stated, “The crowd was energetic . I’m really happy that being a vegetarian, I have so many gourmet options and I tried the veggie burger at Mc Donalds. It’s great that Ultra has debuted in India through professional players like Percept Live”
With a cult like popularity due to performing at virtually every stage in the world, the phenomenon from Niagara Falls, Rezz surely didn’t disappoint. Sporting her iconic all black outfit and trippy spinning LED glasses, the 22 year old  received a warm welcome from the packed house with the marriage of pulsating techno house and swirling bassey tunes. From dubstep to drum and bass, house with a touch of trap, REZZ’s sound selections, had everyone mesmerized and spinning.
Dubstep legend Slushii was also an energizer bunny – prancing around the stage, jumping on top of the DJ booth and getting the audience to follow his shout-outs. At only 19 years old, Slushii has made quite a name for himself as a DJ cum producer out of Los Angeles with tracks such as So Long and Sapient Dream. He has also collaborated with the likes of UM Homecoming Concert performer Marshmello. He began the night with explosive dubstep; he frequently interacted with the crowd as the energy progressed. He threw in some crowd favourites such as his remix of Uber Everywhere and his original track Take My Hand. The audience was in a surprise with his ultimate remix of Daler Mehendi’s Tunak Tunak. He ended his set with his beautiful rendition of Closer by The Chainsmokers through an ocean of cellphone lights.
Slushii stated , “I have heard a lot about Bollywood and coming to India has been so surreal. I love the scenery here but it’s superhot and I’m used to such warm weather. The whole experience of being in India has still not seeped in but I can’t wait to hit Delhi next.”
Before they entered the stage, the lights in the entire stadium dimmed. A sole, horizontal stream of white light across the DJ booth emerged and The Chainsmokers showed why they are some of the highest paid EDM DJs in the world. Their set was arguably the most packed, with the audience quite literally trying to elbow their way to the front to catch a closer vantage point.  In between the bursts of confetti, the synchronised lighting and the crazy pyrotechnics, the thousands who thronged the floor did everything from waving their hands to confessing their love with chants. Waves of headbangers ensued while the two DJ’s displayed some of the most cinematic visuals audiences would see all weekend. They continued to pump wicked basslines with voracious pop energy through the speakers with tracks like Honest, Coldplay’s Yellow, Closer, Something Just Like This, Break Up Every Night, Roses. They ended their implausible set with their chartbuster Don't Let Me Down while waving the Indian flag and the audience flashing the light on their cellphones. The audience reciprocated by dancing so hard that the ground literally felt like it was vibrating. As they ended their performance thanking the audience, they walked off stage with hundreds of brand new fans, and thousands of fans that re-established their love for their unique brand of electronic ambience.
The Chainsmokers stated, “The vibe tonight was just phenomenal. India you guys are awesome Road To Ultra India was phenomenal.Delhi get fready to party.”
Celebrated designer Neeta Lulla gifted them bomber jackets backstage which they seemed to love instantly and took back home as souvenir from India.
Overall, it was evident that the event was a definite hit for EDM fans in the region, considering how many die-hard fans flew down from neighbouring cities to get a chance to see their favourite DJs play.
The turnout was impressive with over 10,000 people in attendance. It was undoubtedly an excellent night for EDM-centric punters who got a sampling of this festival’s stratospheric reputation. At the end of the night when the house lights went on and the packed patrons piled out into the streets, there was nothing but high praise for the event that played out that evening. Road To Ultra India warranted the parent company’s  dominance as a world player in the festival market
Sponsors associated with the first edition of Road to Ultra India includes Jio Digital Life, Ola, Kingfisher Ultra, Jack N Jones, Mercedez – Benz, Crocs, Skybags, Pepsi, Sony, Absolute, Swiggy and media partners including Times Network, PVR, ISHQ FM, Hungama, Cash URDrive and ticketing partner