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Vice President - Strategic Planning & Luxury Marketing
Percept ICE

After graduating at the No. 1 Rank with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies from the University of Mumbai, Khushi Singh Chaudhary went on to pursue her career interest with a Masters in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management from the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy, where she set another record by topping her class and graduating ‘Cum Laude’.

Khushi commenced her career as a Strategy Planner at Percept H which gave her profound insights into consumer sentiments and aspirations, and laid the foundation for her career in the experiential marketing domain. Khushi took on the mandate of Vice President – Percept Weddings in 2014 and over the past decade she has managed over 100 high profile weddings and HNI celebrations across the globe including Lord Paul’s Grandson - Akhil Paul’s Wedding in Budapest, the Ganwani - Varma wedding in Montreux, Switzerland and the Chordia – Moza wedding in Pune.

In 2016, Khushi took over the responsibility of heading the Luxury & Weddings division of Percept ICE and managed multiple sophisticated projects spanning the Lifestyle, Luxury and HNI domain. She managed multiple interesting projects in the luxury brand marketing space to conceptualize and produce many launch events for leading luxe brands entering the Indian market. Going a step further she partnered with leading brands to conceptualize and co-create Intellectual Properties with them.

In her current capacity as Vice President - Strategic Planning & Luxury Marketing, Percept ICE, she is responsible for tapping into new business opportunities in the Luxury Events and Experiential industry and the HNI segment, managing high profile Events and clients, and offering unique, customized Experiential Marketing solutions. A key area of focus has been the profile management of many high profile clients at some of the biggest international red carpet events, ensuring their mass global visibility, salience and impact across worldwide media.

By identifying niche segments, developing novel concepts, and building a robust network of luxury brands, she has stayed at the forefront of innovation by offering unique, distinctive, bespoke services. With a focus on research, aesthetics and design, she has curated exclusive and personalized experiences that resonate with luxury brands and HNI clients, therein standing apart in a cluttered marketplace. Through her visionary approach Khushi has not only shaped the luxury events industry but also set her sights on positioning India as a global hub for bespoke luxury experiences.

During her leisure time Khushi likes to practice the art of photography, enjoys dancing, and is an avid reader.

Khushi Singh is Vice President - Strategic Planning & Luxury Marketing, Percept ICE.