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When we founded Percept in 1984 we had no idea that it would evolve into what it has become today – India's leading entertainment, media and communications conglomerate. The Indian media and entertainment sector has witnessed unparalleled growth over the past decade, and as a dynamic, diversified business, Percept is well positioned to take advantage of this exciting growth.

In today's world, where the business landscape morphs into something different every day, it's absolutely essential to be responsive to change and the challenges that continually arise. At Percept, we not only recognize the changes occurring within the industry, we welcome them. Because change doesn't just present challenges, it offers us boundless opportunities.

In a recently concluded restructuring exercise, we renamed the lead operating and holding company as 'PERCEPT LIMITED'. We took a step further and launched a dedicated 'Intellectual Properties' vertical with an aim to further consolidate and extend our knowledge and expertise in the Entertainment, Media and Communications domain. Our vision is to convert path breaking innovative ideas into Assets across the Entertainment, Fashion, Sports, and Music domain in order to create long term value for Brand Percept as well as our Clients and Investors. This restructuring is in keeping with the evolving and dynamic changes and growth in the Entertainment & Media Industry and would enable Percept to bring greater focus, synergy, efficiencies and diversity in its service offerings to its stakeholders.

Our strength stems from the fact that we have some of the best talent in the industry. We are taking an aggressive stance in looking at the future of Percept, not just in numbers, but in terms of market share and size. Our aggressive growth plans are in keeping with Percept's philosophy of innovation and synergy.

We believe in building enduring relationships and are proud to have our partners, clients & stakeholders with us every step of the way. Integral to everything we do is our commitment to valuing the talent of each individual, harnessing the strengths of a diverse work force, and respecting and learning from the communities in which we operate.

Our financial & operating performance till date has been commendable & we will continue to deliver beyond expectations. Percept will continue its endeavor to achieve excellence & commitment towards providing complete communication solutions to our stakeholders.

Best Regards,
Harindra Singh
Chairman & Managing Director
Percept Limited