Percept Retail

Percept Retail, the Strategic Business Unit of Percept Sports & Entertainment, is India’s leading Retail agency. A premier thought-leader for retailers and branded products, Percept Retail provides outstanding value to clients through its fact-based, forward thinking marketing at retail services. Its ‘Brand Conversion Marketing’ is the fastest, most efficient way for branded goods companies to increase category sales.

Percept Retail works closely with clients to address marketing at retail platforms such as best practices trade tool kit, retail communication and sign solutions, display and dispensing solutions, brand shop concepts and execution, retail media development, planning, buying, and feet on street support.

Percept Retail uses PROMPT for planning and tracking multiple visibility program across clients. PROMPT synchronizes entire operations right from spec optimisation to negotiations, quality checks to proof of placement, implementation schedule to supplies, all with the intention to provide value integration to client and suppliers alike. It comes with custom built planning tools essential for medium to large visibility programs with a large geo expanse.

Contact Details

  • Corporate Office: P2, Level 2, Raghuvanshi Estate, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013. INDIA.
  • Network Offices:
    • Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai