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DJ Snake is excited to return to India for his Sunburn tour
1 November, 2022

DJ Snake will perform in six cities as part of the EDM fest, kicking off in Ahmedabad, followed by Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru

From the time he rode to fame with ‘Turn down for what’, the single-sentence lyrical Trap Metal number in 2013, DJ Snake has grown from being an artiste-to-watch to one of the world’s most sought-after performers.

This year, his Sunburn tour is bigger than usual with six cities included in the EDM fest. Kicking off in Ahmedabad on November 18, DJ Snake will travel to Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai and end in Bengaluru on November 27.

"Honestly, the energy I feel when I am in India is one of the most amazing things," he says, adding that the overwhelming welcome makes him feel like India is his second home. "I feel so comfortable here. I’m excited to get back, visit and experience new cities, meet more people, hear more music, and see more of the country that has influenced me so much."

Fans are looking forward to listening to his signature sound: Electro House, Trap and pop with a dash of Indian rhythm and beat. He co-produced — with the EDM DJ trio Major Lazer — ‘Lean on’, a vibrant track shot in Mumbai with a distinct Indian touch.

Telangana connect

Closer home, it’s ‘Magenta Riddim’, a video shot in Hyderabad, Telangana in 2018 that struck a chord with the local fans. The song pays tribute to the firefighters of the region and has a mix of Dancehall and Indian sounds. What made him choose Hyderabad? “I couldn’t have filmed it anywhere else in the world,” he says simply.

DJ Snake has had some major collaborations; he produced Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this way’ and worked for Major Lazer and Mo on the single ‘Lean on’. The chart-busting ‘Taki Taki’ with Ozuna and Cardi B, featuring Selena Gomez and 2016 single ‘Let me love you’ featuring Justin Bieber. DJ Snake shares his experiences: “Working with Selena always feels so natural as we’ve known each other for a while. A while ago, we had been brainstorming about doing another record together. When the idea of ‘Selfish Love’ came up, it felt like a perfect fit. It was a fun process to work on it with her; the best records are always like this, they are fun to make. And Justin... his voice is just magic and whenever he sings, he touches the heart and the soul.”

Cultural diversity

Born William Grigahcine, DJ Snake was born to an Algerian mother and French father in Paris and grew up in Ermont but always loved to travel. “As soon as my mom would let me as a kid, I started travelling whenever and wherever I could.”  He says growing up in a multicultural district outside Paris helped him to be open and welcoming of diversity. “Ermont is a mixture of lower-income people from all over the world. We all grew up together — every type of person every colour, every religion. Even I am French and Algerian; I’m a mix. This is just like the City of Paris. It’s a big mashup.”

He was inspired to take up DJing after seeing a scene in the classic 1995 French film  La Haine, in which turntablist Cut Killer performs from his window for the neighbourhood below.  “As a teenager, I loved American acts like 2Pac, Biggie and even the  Fugees. I had no idea what they were saying. I was just listening to the beats, the flow, the vibe,” he says.

With all the India exposure, he inevitably looks to collaborate with some talent here. “I am in contact with some Indian musicians now and we are sharing some ideas back and forth,” he says, adding “We will see.”

(DJ Snake will perform in Ahmedabad on November 18, New Delhi on November 19, Hyderabad on November 20, Pune on November 25, Mumbai on November 26 and Bengaluru on November 27. Tickets ₹999 onwards, on Bookmyshow)