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Manav Mehta, Director – Bollyboom, wins the esteemed “ET Panache 35 Under 35” Award
14 July, 2023

Manav Mehta, Director - Bollyboom, won the esteemed “ET Panache 35 Under 35” Award at the WOW Awards held on July 13, 2023 at the Jio Convention Centre in Mumbai. Presented by Economic Times in association with EVENTFAQS Media, the ‘ET 35 under 35’ celebrated young India’s success story and showcased India's top 35 entrepreneurs and future leaders of the Event and Activations Industry in India.

Manav Mehta: Igniting the Rhythm of Innovation in India's Music Scene

In a world where music and entertainment have become integral to our lives, there are individuals who strive to create transformative experiences that transcend boundaries. Manav Mehta, better known by his stage name REALMM, is one such visionary who has left an indelible mark on the music and entertainment industry in India. From his humble beginnings as a self-taught music enthusiast to his current role as the founder of NOBO Experience and director of Bollyboom, Manav's journey is nothing short of remarkable.

A Passion Transformed

Born into a business-oriented family with no prior connection to the music and entertainment world, Manav chose to forge his own path at the tender age of 19. Driven by his deep love for music, he immersed himself in the art of music composition, relentlessly honing his skills. Breaking into the industry, Manav captivated audiences with his electrifying performances at renowned music festivals, concerts, nightclubs, lounges, and pop-up events across India. Inspired by the legendary musical duo Tale Of Us, he seamlessly straddled both his creative passion and the business of music.

Manav's entrepreneurial spirit led him to conceive and launch NOBO Experience in August 2022. NOBO quickly became synonymous with extraordinary live music shows, transcending genres and introducing marquee international artists to the Indian market. From Boris Brejcha and Black Coffee to Sama Abdulhadi and Tale Of Us, NOBO Experience curated an awe-inspiring lineup that pushed boundaries and enthralled music enthusiasts. With 17 successful shows held across major cities in India within a year of its inception, NOBO Experience cemented itself as a unique multi-genre music property with a massive and devoted fan base.

Bollyboom: The Bollywood Music Connection

While NOBO Experience focuses on introducing global talent, Manav's other IP, Bollyboom, taps into the immense popularity of Bollywood music. Understanding the craving of the Indian diaspora for Bollywood Dance Music (BDM) away from their home country, Bollyboom showcases some of the biggest names in the Indian music industry to a global audience. Through sold-out shows and a range of affiliated businesses, including clubs, lounges, and merchandise, Bollyboom has become India's premier music lifestyle brand for Bollywood music enthusiasts.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges to the live events industry, and Manav's resilience and adaptability were put to the test. Embracing technology, Bollyboom swiftly launched virtual events to keep fans connected during the lockdown. As restrictions eased, the resounding success of the multi-city 'Bollyboom Farhan Live India Tour 2022' reaffirmed Manav's belief in the enduring power of perseverance and consumer-focused brands. The experience taught him that calamities are temporary, and by actively engaging with audiences, organizers can reinvent their brands and create lasting connections.

As the pandemic situation gradually improved, Bollyboom swiftly ventured into diverse business domains, including Bollyboom Clubs, Lounges, and Merchandise. This bold expansion positioned Bollyboom as the premier and all-encompassing Music Lifestyle Brand in India, dedicated to providing a holistic experience for Bollywood music enthusiasts.

The Future of Live Events

Manav Mehta firmly believes that collaboration, innovation, and constant reinvention are vital for the future of the live events industry. Engaging with stakeholders and authorities, he envisions live events as not just one-off activities but as long-term drivers of domestic and global tourism. To ensure sustainable success, Manav emphasizes the importance of delivering beyond-par experiences, encompassing content, production, safety, and fan convenience. By creating 360-degree experiential projects and expanding into Tier 2 and 3 cities, NOBO Experience and Bollyboom aim to revolutionize the live music scene across India.

Manav Mehta's journey from a passionate music aficionado to the Founder of NOBO Experience and Director of Bollyboom exemplifies the power of following one's dreams. With an unwavering commitment to providing extraordinary music experiences, Manav has established himself as a transformative force in the industry. As he looks towards the future, his vision of designing robust systems, giving back to society, and pushing the boundaries of live events promises a thrilling and game-changing experience for music enthusiasts in India and beyond. With NOBO Experience and Bollyboom leading the way, the future of the live music industry shines bright with endless possibilities.