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Joji George Shares Percept Live's Vision For Global Domination In Live Entertainment
8 January, 2024

Joji George has a remarkable career spanning Digital, Live Media, Exhibitions, Entertainment, Branding, Art, Radio, Music, and Sports. As the CEO of Percept Live since 2023, he steers the strategic direction of the company's Live Media Assets, including IPs such as Sunburn, Bollyboom, EPL (Eat Play Love), Windsong, IMS (India Model Search), and XCC (Xtreme Combat Championship).

With expertise in charting global market trends, driving brand extensions, and managing Intellectual Properties, George is at the forefront of Percept Live's innovative growth, both nationally and internationally.

Here are edited excerpts from his recent interview with

Q1.What marketing strategies has Percept Live found most effective in reaching and engaging its target audience?

I can firmly assert that no one knows how to build an Intellectual Property the way Percept does.The proof of the pudding is how a desi brand like SUNBURN was created into a global brand.Our marketing strategy is founded on the two pillars of communication and brand experience.

Percept has a head start over any other company, being highly experienced at building powerful brands due to its experience in the advertising business and its focus on delivering world class customer experience at all our events.This combination has been our forte in building powerful IP’s like Sunburn and Bollyboom.

Q2.How does Percept Live approach partnerships and collaborations to enhance its events?

Our approach to building partnerships is to ensure our stakeholders are involved, engaged and are as passionate as us about our customers.

We believe in transparency and thinking big, which are very important values for our Chairman and Managing Director of our Group,. Harindra Singh.

We also believe in long term partnerships that stand the test of time, and this helps in flawless production anywhere in the country.

Q3.Can you highlight some of the most successful or memorable events organized by Percept Live in 2023?

It would be the tours with Guru Randhawa and Farhan Akhtar.After I came onboard, we have had a strategic shift in how we plan to build Bollyboom, and you will hear more about that in the New Year.I am personally very excited with the upcoming Reunion tour of the Colonial Cousins, featuring Hariharan and Leslee Lewis in 2024.

Q4.How do you envision the global landscape influencing the Indian events and music industry in 2024?

I believe that we will reverse engineer our sound and culture to the global market instead of being a base for international IPs.

If you observe tailwinds, our infrastructure, cuisine, acceptance of Indian music and dance globally and the rise of social media where Indian song and dance is being used as background for Reels and/ videos, just goes to show that anything Indian is now cool.

Hence its adoption will be fluid.Look at Indo Warehouse and collaborations of Indian stars with International artists.The time is ripe for IPs like Bollyboom to go international, and that is the plan for Percept Live.