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Manav Mehta Director & COO Of Bollyboom India Charts The Path For Musical Success In 2024
29 January, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, standing out amidst  of new releases requires a strategic approach. Manav Mehta, Director & COO of Bollyboom India, emphasizes the significance of live performances and collaborations as key elements for musical success in the upcoming year.

In the digital age,  social media presence is undoubtedly crucial. However, Mehta advises a delicate balance, urging artists to post content sparingly. By spacing out content, the focus remains on promoting the music authentically without coming across as excessively self-promotional. The emphasis should be on engaging genuinely with fans, media, and the public at large to foster the expansion and retention of the artist's fan base.

Creating a unique website equipped with an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) serves as a powerful tool for music marketing. Mehta suggests integrating a press kit into the musician's bio, incorporating press links, social and streaming sites, and music reviews. This comprehensive approach facilitates positive word-of-mouth promotion by fans.

To amplify reach, Mehta advocates utilizing live shows and live streams. These platforms expose music to a broader audience, and leveraging snippets from these events on social media further extends the reach. Live shows also provide an excellent opportunity to connect with fans backstage and distribute artist or band merchandise, creating moments that fans can wear and share.

Building collaborations with like-minded musicians through cross-promotions and shout-outs is another avenue for expanding reach and credibility within the community. Consistency is paramount, and a well-planned content calendar ensures a steady flow of engaging material. Regular interaction with the audience on social media platforms helps artists and labels maintain a top-of-mind presence.

Establishing strong relationships with the fan community is a cornerstone of Mehta's strategy. Timely responses to comments and messages demonstrate respect and appreciation for fan support. The goal is to create a sense of community around the music, with contests and giveaways serving as effective tools to reward loyal fans and transform them into brand ambassadors.

Collaborating with influencers within the music genre emerges as a powerful tactic to feature content on their platforms, amplifying reach and targeting specific audience bases. Real-time engagement through stream concerts, acoustic sessions, and live chats builds loyalty and positive word of mouth.

In a saturated music space, tracking and analyzing metrics become essential. Utilizing built-in analytics tools on social media platforms provides valuable insights into audience demographics, engagement rates, and pre/post reach. Effective use of this data empowers artists to optimize strategies, identify successful approaches, and adapt as needed for targeted and impactful outcomes. Manav Mehta's comprehensive approach positions live performances and strategic collaborations as key drivers for musical success in the competitive landscape of 2024.