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Windsong Music Festival concludes with flying colours
26 December, 2012

Windsong Music Festival – an alternate, original Indian live music festival concluded on 25 December amidst much fanfare at Baga Grounds, Goa. Percept Live who has been the forerunner in the evolution of the Indian music festival scenario in India has launched this festival to support and grow the Indian live music scene, Indian bands and Indian talent.22 Indian bands performed to alternate, live world music genre categorized into plugged and unplugged section on 24-25 December at Baga Grounds, Goa. The first day of the festival offered an experience that left the music lovers craving for more & return back the next day.Day one not only offered the best of what the Indian sounds and talent had to showcase but also a state of the art technology & effects that made it a visual delight par excellence. The whole idea was to create a platform to showcase the outstanding talent and attract multiple audiences. The first day was a visual treat for music lovers who had come together from all over the world to witness the festival The Plugged In section comprised of Lucky Ali, Rabbi Shergill, Shkabang, Thaalavatam, Rhythm Rush, Shefali Alvares, Soulmate, Strings, Agnee, Mister Printer, The Ska Vengers, Shaa'ir + Func, Papon & The East India Co. and Remo & The Microwave Papadums.UnPlugged on 24 Dec featured Aazin Printer, Neel & The Lightbulbs, The Naina Kundu Trio, Airport, Elvis Lobo, Remo Fernandes, Shantanu Pandit, Suman Sridhar, Clayton Hogomeer, Ankur and Sidd MenwhoPause.The festival in Goa, showcased some kick-ass girl power on its opening day. It started with the sweet, not-so-soft jazz vocals from Naina Kundu and the other two member of her Trio, on the unplugged stage. Lead singer Anuhska Manchanda got straight to it, asking the crowd, “Are you ready to daaaance??? To her ethereal lyrics laid over some hardcore dub step beats, the crowd did just that. They danced.Soulmate, clearly a cult favourite, really pulled in the crowds, getting Goa warmed up for a killer evening of Shkabang, Strings, Agnee and so much more. Finally! India’s first live Indian music festival has started it’s journey in Goa, before travelling across the nation. All Live. All Indian. It’s about time! Remo and the Microwave Papadums – is there anyone who doesn’t love them?? A few of his classics with die-hard fans singing along, a few recent original numbers and Remo and the band spread their love and goodwill through the entire crowd on the second day. There wasn’t a camera in the house that was not taking photos. The man is a complete legend. Straight from within, deep and soulful, Lucky Ali touched the hearts of every fan in the crowd. The singer with the most anticipated song of the entire festival, Rabbi hit the stage next. Opening strong with Bula Ki Jaana, and with full-on energy and full-on passion, Rabbi followed it up with an ethereal, operatic rock number with powerful lyrics from Christine. A few more signature tracks and he broke it out… the moment they were all waiting for. . . Challa! "O Challa ki labh daa phirey… Challa ki labh daa phirey…” could surely be heard all across Goa.But not to be outdone, superstar of the scene, Bollywood and Indian Pop legend, left the Bollywood tracks at home and sang some original music. Straight from within, deep and soulful, Lucky Ali touched the hearts of every fan in the crowd. Some danced, some sang along, but everyone realized that a very beautiful thing was coming to an end.Windsong will not only put Indian music on the national music travel map, but is sure to make the world wake up to Indian music and the Indian Musicians that live and breath live music. The first edition of Windsong closed with a gathering of all the night’s artist on the main stage. Arm in arm, legends and new comers, thanked the crowd for their support, thanked Percept for finally giving them a platform on which to shine, and took a bow.