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A fun, entertaining Sunburn this year! : Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director, Percept
21 December, 2010

A fun, entertaining Sunburn this year - Promises Joint MD, Percept Ltd, Mr Shailendra Singh as he reveals more about this year’s Sunburn festival and the scene of music festivals in India.

What are the highlights of the Sunburn Festival?
Sunburn has today become Asia’s biggest music festival putting Goa and India on the music world map. The event draws the best DJ’s and electronic artists from across the world. The youth was our focal point when we designed the festival. With Sunburn, we have managed to create an internationally renowned music property and brand 
How are you looking at expanding the Sunburn Experience?
We are looking to extend the Sunburn brand and experience to our merchandise and a Sunburn Café in the near future. These extensions are aimed at taking the Sunburn experience of our guests to an entirely different level. From the past couple of years we have started with sunburn mini tours in the country. This gives our guests a slight taste of what they could expect when they come for the festival. We have received an excellent response for the same. These mini tours have helped to establish and spread the aura of the festival all over the world and not just India
What turn-out are you expecting at Sunburn this year?
Last year, the festival witnessed around thirty thousand people. This year we are expecting at least around forty five to fifty thousand people coming for the festival 
What are the other attractions at Sunburn this year?
We have various activities like rock climbing, beach volley ball, dress-up lounge amongst others. It is more of a music carnival atmosphere that is created, than just a music festival. 
Do you feel that festivals and/ or conferences are the emerging business and lifestyle property of the Indian music industry?
Definitely yes! Live music events have quickly become a key route to profitability for the record industry. Music festivals have grown from nothing to a sizeable industry in 25 years, and the industry is one of the few sectors to have fared well in the slump. A music festival is generally presented with a theme such as musical genre, nationality or locality of musicians, or holiday. They are often inclusive of other attractions such as food, performance art and social activities. Many festivals are annual, or repeat at some other interval. Some festivals are organised for profit concerts and others benefits for a specific cause. 
How come most of these festivals are held in December?
December is a month when most of them are on holiday and would like to tour the world and go to their favourite holiday destinations. If you have noticed all these festivals are held mostly in places like Goa, Ibiza, etc. as these are the destinations where everyone go to unwind, so you have the right kind of crowd !Moreover, December, in most of the countries is a slump period and people would want to move towards warmer countries. Most of the tourists be it domestic or international, who are looking at holidaying in India would prefer to go a warmer city like Goa and what more can one ask for but the right audience where we offer them exactly what they want with Sunburn music festival.