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Roadshows to bring Bollywood to your doorstep
14 December, 2010

Bollywood fans are all set to have a roller-coaster ride early next year with a special road shows planned exclusively to bring popular Hindi film music, merchandise and food to their doorsteps. Event management firm Percept Limited's Bollywood Corporation has designed this show involving every tit-bit of the Hindi film industry to enable cinema buffs to "live and consume the industry experience".

"The first road show is planned in Pune somewhere in second week of January followed by shows in Nashik and Nagpur," Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director, Percept Limited, told PTI here. "We will take Bollywood to customers. Predominantly, all of us love Bollywood but we don't know how to consume it," he said adding the company is focusing on creating brands and Intellectual Property (IP). The organizers have on cards Bollywood DJs Akbar, Akhtar, Suketu, Akhil and others playing for the crowd. Singh said the road show will play everything including Bollywood Rock, Sufi, Retro, Pop and others.

"Hindi film industry has everything in it which appeals to almost every indian," he said. The show, named ''Bollywood Carnival'', will have something to satisfy your cinematic taste buds with items like ''Hrithik pasta'' or ''Bachchan's Pav Bhaji'', Singh explained. The event organisers have also made sure that Bollywood aficionados can opt for makeovers. "You can look like Mangal Pandey or some film personality depending on your choice," he said. The road show will move from city to city. "After covering Maharashtra, it will be in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and later in other North Indian states," the organisers said. When asked whether they will travel abroad, Singh said, "when we have so much Bollywood craze in India, why do we need to travel abroad with the show?”