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Percept joins the fight against Covid-19 by producing a slew of Pro Bono Public Service Communication campaigns for Government Bodies
22 April, 2020

~ Multiple Films created for Mumbai Police, Pune Police, Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune Cantonment Board & Businesses ~

Percept joined the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic by undertaking a series of Pro Bono Public Service Communication campaigns for Government agencies across the country. The objective of the Films was to create mass public awareness on the importance of ‘Social Distancing’ and ensuring that citizens follow the ‘Stay at Home’ rules in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that has swept the country.
The very first Public Service film conceived and produced by Percept was for the Mumbai Police titled "Mumbai First…Together We Can" was launched on 30 March 2020 on the official Mumbai Police Social Media handles. The film aimed at instilling confidence in Mumbaikars that the Mumbai Police is committed to their safety with an appeal to citizens to help them win the war against CV-19 by strictly following the Stay at Home Government directive. The campaign emphasized that Mumbai can only win the Covid-19 battle collectively by following rules, while pointing out that the massive infrastructure of Mumbai would function seamlessly during the lockdown due to the sacrifice, dedication and tireless efforts of the Mumbai Police. 
The next poignant Public Service Film created by Percept for the Pune Police titled “Stay Home Stay Safe...Will Do More....Together We Can” highlighted the exemplary dedication, commitment and selfless service of Pune Police personnel to the city, and appealed to Punekars to abide by the rules to ensure that the multiple precautionary measures installed and implemented during this pandemic are successful to ensure their joint victory against the virus. 
Both the films generated positive feedback from the citizens of Mumbai and Pune. The emotive and collaborative tone supported with hard hitting visuals highlighting the sacrifices of the ground forces helped position both Mumbai Police and Pune Police personnel as their friends who would do everything in their power to safeguard citizens.
Percept also joined hands with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) and Kumar Properties to create an emotive Hindi Film titled “Hum gharpe surakshit hai kyon ke kuch log apna farz din raat nibhate hai". The film focused on the selfless efforts of the PMC and PCB workers in their tireless execution of duty as they fight the Covid-19 pandemic and appeals to the mass public to help them win this war by collectively maintaining the ‘Stay At Home’ directive. The film showcases the multiple measures undertaken by PMC & PCB to ensure thorough sanitization in every area of Pune to ensure the security of Punekars and acknowledges the heroic efforts of all the Doctors, Medical care staff, Sanitation workers on the streets, Water and Electricity supply departments, Fire Brigade Units and all the other visible and invisible ‘Karmacharis’ (service providers) who are committed towards performing their invaluable role in this combined fight against COVID-19.
Said a Senior Official from Percept Limited, ““It is vital for the Citizens of our Country to understand the gravity of the current situation and maintain faith and confidence that our Government is doing everything possible to safeguard us from the threat of COVID-19. Our Government agencies have been putting in extraordinary efforts towards ensuring that all of us remain safe. It is important that their heroic efforts be recognized and communicated to the citizens of our country. As a member of the media fraternity it is our duty to create public awareness and drive home the message on the importance of ‘Social Distancing’ and maintaining the ‘Stay At Home’ directive. ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe…Only Together Can We win this battle.”  
Percept had also recently conceptualized and produced a touching Film for OPPO titled ‘Stronger With Hope’. The OPPO CSR initiative thanked the frontline warriors for their courage, strength, resilience and efforts to keep all citizens safe during this difficult time. Through poignant images and a strong narrative OPPO saluted the frontline workers for their bravery for spearheading the battle against #Covid19 with Hope.
Percept is currently working on multiple CSR Films and campaigns for the Government. A work-in-progress film for Nashik Police is focused on appeals for Social Distancing while another film for the Pune Collector highlights the diligent and assiduous efforts of the frontline Doctors and Healthcare Staff. These films are scheduled to roll out across Digital media platforms in the coming week.