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Percept Live launches an Exclusive ‘Sunburn Club Card’ offering 10 unique Privileges for Sunburn fans
3 May, 2020

~ First-Of-Its-Kind Loyalty Program launched by any Festival Property across the world ~ 

India, 3 May 2020 – Percept Live, creators of Sunburn, Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival, launched an Exclusive ‘Sunburn Club Card’ kicking off Season 14 with much for Sunburn Fans to look forward to. Launched on 3 May 2020, the unique Sunburn Club Card offers 10 exclusive privileges, benefits and rewards to fans who enroll online for this special Sunburn Club Card Membership. 
This is a first of a kind Loyalty Program launched by any Festival Property across the world, and once again highlights Sunburn’s enduring commitment to their fans. Given the sheer massive scale and reach of Sunburn pan India and overseas, the Sunburn Club Card is the next step in offering Sunburn music fans a heightened and immersive festival experience as Sunburn kicks off Season 14. In the past year, apart from the super successful Sunburn Goa Festival held from 27-29 December, Sunburn had over 16 Arena shows, 30+ Reload shows, over 50 Club shows, and hundreds of Campus Tours across India and overseas. Research has shown that Sunburn fans attend multiple events in a year averaging over 3 events per year and therefore launching a Membership Scheme was the next vital step in the evolution of this iconic Brand. 
The Sunburn Club Card was launched on 3 May 2020 at a very special Early Bird Offer Price of Rs.999/- per person only. This special Early Bird offer price will last only for 2 weeks up to 13 May 2020, post which Membership for a Sunburn Club Card will cost Rs. 1,999/- per person. Fans have to enroll online at to attain the privileged Sunburn Club Card.
The 10 Exclusive Benefits of owning a Sunburn Club Card that Sunburn fans can look forward to include:
1. 1 Free GA ticket to any Sunburn Arena of your choice
2. 20% Discount for Tickets for up to 4 friends at any Sunburn Arena of your choice
3. 20% additional beverage top up (up to Rs.5,000)
4. 20% off on official Sunburn Merchandise
5. 10% Discount on Package Deals to Sunburn Goa
6. 10% Discount to all Sunburn Arenas
7. 1 Free Entry to Sunburn Club Nights / Pre Party
8. A Dedicated Box Office window and separate entry aisle at every Sunburn show
9. Exclusive Artist Line Up reveal 12 hours before the general announcement to the Public
10. 2 Lucky Winners get an opportunity to Meet & Greet at every Sunburn arena
Karan Singh, COO, Percept Live states, “The Sunburn Club Card is our endeavour to enhance the value proposition of the Sunburn experience and elevate it’s stature from an aspirational dance music festival to a comprehensive lifestyle program that offers value add throughout the year to our loyal Sunburn fans. Through this Card we aim to address the unique requests and wishes of our loyal fans, especially the discerning urban millennials, whose spend on entertainment has increased over the past decade and are looking for additional privileged benefits to ease and enhance their overall festival attendance experience. We have a great artist line up & many surprises in store this year, and we are sure that our fans are going to love the many unique offerings presented via our all new Sunburn Club Card.”
The Sunburn Club Card promises to deliver to fans the most intrinsic and enhanced online and on-ground Sunburn experience. After successfully concluding the 13th edition of its' annual showcase at Goa, Sunburn is now looking forward to taking the music experience for its fans to the next level via Loyalty Programs, Privileged Card Benefits, Sunburn Merchandize, the best of New Age Technology, and an amazing Artist Line Up like never before!