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Sunburn launches trendy Face Masks to fight the Covid-19 pandemic
15 September, 2020

Percept Live, creators of Sunburn, Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival, launched a brand new range of trendy Face Masks and merchandise to fight the Covid-19 pandemic as also liven up the mood for Gen Next who have been confined to their homes and Social Distancing protocols since the Lockdown. 

As the Covid-19 war waged on relentlessly for 6 months around the world, one of the most in-demand items viz. face masks changed from the disposable dull grey or green surgical masks to reusable fashion statements. Face masks evolved rapidly to become the must-have accessory of 2020 to complete ones outdoor look to match every occasion, be it formals, loungewear, traditional kurtas or even wedding attire.
Sunburn being a global aspirational youth-centric brand that has prided itself on innovations and breaking the mould time and again, saw a fantastic opportunity to design and launch a range of trendy merchandize that would offer the dual benefit of safeguarding citizens from the airborne virus as also portray a unique style statement that was chic, vibrant and inimitable for its community of fans. 
Sunburn launched a stylish range of 6 Face Masks sporting the popular Sunburn logo in a wide range of colours and designs which became an instant hit with Gen Next. Keeping with WHO protocols, the smart Sunburn face masks contain three layers of filtration. The inner layer which is gentle on the skin is 100% Polyester, Dry Fit with Anti Bacterial Treatment;  the 30 GSM spun bonded, non woven middle layer offers Anti-Bacterial Droplet protection; and the 150 GSM non absorbent 100% polyester outer layer provides Anti-static protection from coarser dust and pollution particles in the outdoor environment. The masks are washable, reusable and environment friendly. The bright happy prints on the masks are reminiscent of the bright sunny days when Sunburn fans enjoyed the freedom of the sun, sea and sandy beaches of Goa at the popular Sunburn Festival. The face masks come in packs of 3 which retail at Rs. 429/-, while a pack of 6 face masks retail at Rs. 799/-.
To complement the chic 2020 new age post pandemic look, Sunburn also unveiled an array of stylish T-shirts and Caps ranging from 499/- onwards, and a delightful assortment of Hoodies to suit every mood starting from Rs. 599/- onwards. The vibrant colours and cuts sporting the Sunburn ‘Live, Love, Dance’ philosophy reinforced Sunburn’s conviction that a global pandemic should not get in the way of Gen Next’s sense of fun, freedom and style.
The all new range of Sunburn face masks and Merchandise is available exclusively at:
Karan Singh, COO, Percept Live said, “Sunburn has always upheld and endorsed the ‘Live, Love, Dance’ philosophy. The idea behind launching a contemporary range of stylish masks and accessories was to send out a strong message to our fans that we can have fun even while fighting this once in a century war against the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past 6 months we have all learned to innovate and work around this virus, and one of the interesting consumer trends observed was the careful integration of each outfit with fashion masks. The shortage of masks in the initial stages made us also realize that it was important to create washable and reusable environment friendly masks. Sunburn merchandize has always been popular and a must have memorabilia for our fans, this was only a step forward to cater to the requests of our fan community.” 
The successful launch and roll out of the Sunburn Face Masks and Merchandize comes close on the heels of the ‘Sunburn For Goa’ fundraiser event wherein all donations went to the CM’s Covid Relief Fund of Goa; and many other innovations viz. ‘Sunburn Home Festival’, ‘Sunburn Campus Chatbox’ and ‘Sunburn@Home’ initiatives which have kept fans and audiences engaged during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic lockdown since March 2020. The many Sunburn Live Stream entertainment variants have seen the best DJs around the world unite on Sunburn digital handles, Twitch app and ZEE5 platforms with an aim to entertain, network with their fans, and uplift their spirit in the comfort of their homes while encouraging the Social Distancing rules.