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Joji George appointed CEO, Percept Live
21 March, 2023

Joji George has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Percept Live, with effect from March 15, 2023.

Percept Live, a leading Live Media company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Percept Limited, offers both live and online immersive, entertaining and experiential platforms to enable brands actively engage with millions of consumers and increase their overall brand experience and impact. Each Percept Live Intellectual Property has been  curated to cater to diverse consumer segments and offers brands a unique, immersive, experiential platform that are larger-than-life, multi-sensory and memorable experiences around the year, across geographies.

Currently, Percept Live handles six IPs in a variety of Live and Hybrid formats reaching a vast global audience including:
    Sunburn – Asia’s Premiere Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Festival which has grown to offer a range of lifestyle experiences spanning Merchandise, Hospitality, Education, Real Estate, Clubs, NFTs, Cafes and Beverages
    Bollyboom – the world’s first and biggest Bollywood Dance Music Festival, offering a fantastic blend of music, dance and entertainment
    EPL (Eat Play Love) – a multi-cultural Festival of Food, Music and Art for the entire family
    Windsong – an exclusive Adventure Music Festival focused on storytelling through the vibrant and diverse platform of Music and Arts
    IMS (India Model Search) – India's first and only transparent model search platform that provides equal opportunity to all aspiring fashion models
    XCC (Xtreme Combat Championship) – a Fight Night competition showcasing multi-gender fights in various categories, along with a 360-degree experience including F&B, fashion and music

As CEO, Joji George will be responsible for leading the Vision and Strategic direction of Percept Live encompassing R&D, charting global market trends to ascertain new business and brand extension opportunities, monetization of all the Percept Live IPs, exploring opportunities for synergy with other brands, managing the P&L, profitability, enhancing revenue both organically and inorganically, sourcing new areas, brand extensions and plotting the roadmap for each unique IP across India and overseas. He will work closely with the CXOs of the various business units across the Percept Group to herald the next growth phase for all the IPs under the Percept Live umbrella.

Joji has had an incredible career graph across all facets of the Digital, Live Media, Exhibitions, Entertainment, Branding, Art, Radio, Music and Sports domain. He has managed cross functional teams across South East Asia and South Asia, worked on turnarounds and transforming companies. He has worked closely with government and statutory bodies, conceptualized and managed an entrepreneurial project that raised seed capital from marquee investors to building an exhibitions brand to a leadership position in the B2B space, and managed multiple inorganic growth opportunities through M&A activity.

Prior to joining Percept Live, Joji was the Co-Founder of, India’s largest and most influential platform for human connection and celebrity commerce. He also previously worked with Beacon Advisory, served as Vice President & General Manager/Country Head at World Wrestling Entertainment, India, Managing Director at UBM (now Informa) and EVP at The Global Brand Forum, Singapore. He has also worked with leading global organizations like ASTRO (Astro All Asia Networks Plc), Malaysia, Yahoo! Asia, Singapore, MTV Asia, Singapore and SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, India. Joji also previously served at Percept in the capacity as CEO, Percept Sports & Entertainment, where he built and scaled the Sports and Entertainment IPs, launched new businesses and consolidated the Talent Management division. Over the past two decades Joji has conceptualized many unique ideas and identified many opportunities in the Media & Entertainment domain to curate them into valuable IPs.

Said Joji George, Chief Executive Officer, Percept Live, “Having worked with leading entertainment and media brands across Asia, I am excited about working with India’s leading EMC conglomerate that has transformed thousands of brands by offering unique “Integrated Marketing Solutions” and spearheaded the Intellectual Property space by creating an iconic global IP like Sunburn. My aim is to make Percept Live a highly dynamic, and progressive company, both with consumers and brands across demographics and psychographics, connecting our live and digital platforms to create memorable experiences that help brands connect stronger with their customers. Sunburn is a stunning example of how a simple idea transformed music tourism in India and emerged as Asia’s largest Live Media Asset. I am excited to merge my experience with global brands and reinvent the Sunburn learning curve to expand five more stellar IPs from the Percept Live stable, to offer a bespoke experience to brands and consumers, and create immense value for our investors.”