Press Releases

24 December, 2012

Windsong Music Festival in Goa, showcased some kick-ass girl power on its opening day. It started with the sweet, not-so-soft jazz vocals from Naina Kundu and the other two member of her Trio, on the unplugged stage. In the middle of a killer set from Soulmate, rocktastic lead singer Tipritidedicated a song to all victims of rape, called “Keep Your Dirty Hands Off Me.” And then. . . Shkabang hit the stage. Lead singer Anuhska Manchanda got straight to it, asking the crowd, “Are you ready to daaaance??? To her ethereal lyrics laid over some hardcore dub step beats, the crowd did just that. They danced.
If anyone could possibly tear themselves away from themusic, they could shop for wigs, funky shades, handmade jewelry, temporary tattoos and, if so inspired, drums and guitars. Food stalls in every corner had anything you could possibly want to keep your energy going for the long haul. But back to stage! Indian bands have never had a platform quite like this. Using all their event experience, Percept Live has broughtworld class sound and lights to Goa, put the best bands in the country back to back, and gave Indian bands the respect they have long deserved. Windsong was as thrilling and experience for the artists, as it was for the crowds who flocked to see them. And this is just the beginning. . . With Strings, Agnee and many more still in the line-up, ‘the party ain’t over yet!’