Press Releases

24 December, 2012

The Windsong Music Festival in Goa got off to a flying start this afternoon. As the sun set over the ocean, a gentle breeze had the windmills spinning. The glowing, yellow lantern Christmas tree greeted music fans as they entered the venue. Shefali Alvares was belting out Led Zepplin as the crowd entered the venue and had to decide which stage to visit first – Plugged, or Unplugged. Soulmate, clearly a cult favorite, really pulled in the crowds, getting Goa warmed up for a killer evening of Shkabang, Strings, Agnee and so much more.

Finally! India’s first LIVE Indian Music Festival has started it’s journey in Goa, before traveling across the nation. All Live. All Indian. It’s about time! Windsong will not only put Indian music on the national music travel map, but is sure to make the world wake up to Indian music and the Indian Musicians that live and breath live music.
Percept Live says: “Lets go LIVE!!”