Press Releases

25 December, 2012

It doesn’t get much better than this! Back to back headliners, the best live acts in the country, closing out a fantastic first edition of Windsong, in Goa.

Remo and the Microwave Papadums – is there anyone who doesn’t love them?? A few of his classics with die-hard fans singing along, a few recent original numbers and Remo and the band spread their love and goodwill through the entire crowd! There wasn’t a camera in the house that was not taking photos. The man is a complete legend.
The singer with the most anticipated song of the entire festival, Rabbi hit the stage next. Opening strong with Bula Ki Jaana, and with full-on energy and full-on passion, Rabbi followed it up with an ethereal, operatic rock number with powerful lyrics from Christine. A few more signature tracks, and he broke it out. . . the moment they were all waiting for. . . Challa! \"O Challa ki labh daa phirey. . . Challa ki labh daa phirey. . .” could surely be heard all across Goa. But not to be outdone, superstar of the scene, Bollywood and Indian Pop legend, left the Bollywood tracks at home and sang some original music. Straight from within, deep and soulful, Lucky Ali touched the hearts of every fan in the crowd. Some danced, some sang along, but everyone realized that a very beautiful thing was coming to an end.
The first edition of Windsong closed with a gathering of all the night’s artist on the main stage. Arm in arm, legends and new comers, thanked the crowd for their support, thanked Percept for finally giving them a platform on which to shine, and took a bow.
Until next time, music lovers. . . keep it LIVE!