Press Releases

25 December, 2012

Windsong, Day 2, Goa. Live. Original. Indian. Music.

And boy, did it start out with a BANG! Thaalavatam Rhythm Rush opened with one of the most original sets the first edition of this festival has seen. With drums made out of wood planks and plastic, drumsticks formed from soda bottles and a didgeridoo style horn made out of one giant log, T.R.R. threw down some crazy beats and out of this world sounds. The sky turned red, the breeze started to cool down the heat of the day, and the Ska Vengers dished out some super ska. Windsong fans began to dance. The moon was rising on the horizon when Papon and the East Indian Co. hit the PluggedIn stage. Wailing guitars, deep basslines, and chanting lyrics filled the venue. The strobe lights turned on and. . .
Merry Christmas! Music fans received the best gift they could possibly ask for – MUSIC!! Rock, Alternative, Jazz, you name it. . . as long as it’s live, as long as it’s original, it’s playing right now at Windsong! If you haven’t made it to the Baga Ground, yet, there’s still time! Some killer acts yet to come tonight. . . Menwhopause, Remo and the Microwave Papadams and everyone is waiting for their latest, favorite song from Rabbi Shergill – you know the one!!
Percept says: “Come on. . . LIVE a little!”