Press Releases

25 December, 2012

Keeping the girl power at Windsong, Day 2, going, Suman Sridhar sang one of her first solo sets to a packed crowd. One of the most outspoken and original performers, Sridhar sang about how it “costs less to feed an entire family than to buy a ticket to see Lady Gaga’s six foot erection.” If that’s not original, what is?

You might think it would be tough to play on the Unplugged stage while Remo and the Microwave Papadams were playing over on the side. But Clayton, acoustic guitarist and original songwriter wasn’t intimidated. In humble, sweet lyrics, he sang about being a simple man, he doesn’t nee much, just for the girl he had just met to smile in his direction. With such a powerful set, music fans was amazed to find out it was Clayton’s first time on a stage!
Ankur ad Sid lit up the stage with their whimsical, acoustical meanderings. The crowd had massive smiles as the duo waxed lyrical about the end of the world – no one knows why it’s freezing in Mumbai, no one knows where all the turtles have gone - except the Mayans, of course. As Remo finished on song on the other side of the venue, Ankur shot to the mic, “now’s the perfect time for our quietest song!” He proceeded to sing one of his sweetest, melodical songs in just under 30 seconds.
Who knew that there was so much live talent in India?? . . . Percept knew.