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Percept ICE executes the Birla Sun Life Insurance Arjun Awards 2015
1 September, 2015

Percept ICE, a company of Percept Limited, managed and executed the Birla Sun Life Insurance (BSLI) Arjun Awards 2015. The award function was held at the Sahara Star hotel in Mumbai on 14 August, 2015. The Arjun Awards program was a first not only for BSLI but also across the Life Insurance industry. An innovative initiative, the Arjun Awards was designed to extend an opportunity to every employee to contribute towards achieving the vision of Customer Trust Surplus.
The entire organization was divided into 8 Zones. Every Corporate / Non Sales function was attached to each of these zones with 1 Leadership Team member assigned as a Mentor. The objective was to get everyone in the company to contribute towards the success of Sales. The initiative was launched to bring synergy and competitiveness amongst the functions. The project enabled increase in sales, generated greater sales support and facilitated corporate functions to unite together (close to 50 functions were synergized in this initiative) for a common cause to implement “Capacity, Productivity, Sustainability” (CPS) in the organization. The initiative was appreciated and accepted across the hierarchy and was the largest act of collaboration across the organization. No other company in the industry has ever launched a single initiative of this scale for so many employees under one umbrella. A total of 500 Awards were handed out to all the top executives. 
Invitees to the BSLI Arjun Awards 2015 Day Conference were welcomed in traditional Maharashtrian style with Dhol, Tutari and Lazim Players. The Conference was hosted by popular anchor A K Rahman. The event kick started with a grand “Shivaji” act by Punit Pathak’s dance troupe. It was then followed by the 1st set of Awards. The famous story telling troupe “Illuminati” paid tribute to A.P.J. Abdul Kalam through a classic UV act leading into the 2nd set of awards. The “Mann Ki Baat” segment which was specially designed to interview 8 Leadership Team members was followed by the final round of day awards. The conference wrapped up with an inspirational session by “Deepa Malik”- a Paraplegic Indian athlete who has won numerous accolades for her participation in various Adventure Sports. 
The day conference was followed by a gala evening of fun and celebrations. As the overall theme of the event was ‘Arjun’, all the pre-function activities were designed in accordance with this theme by Percept ICE. The invitees enjoyed the games organized including Fish Eye Dartboard and Archery. A royal throne and an elegant palace set made for a popular photo-op corner. 
The Gala Evening function was hosted by the famous TV personality “Ragini Khanna” along with A K Rahman. The ceremonial evening was opened by popular singer Archita Bhattacharya followed by 8 special Grand Finale Awards that were handed out to different teams. The Punit Pathak dance troupe performed another classical rendition. Renowned singer Shadab Faridi was the show stopper of the evening with his diverse variety of Sufi and other popular music as he left the audience mesmerized with his mellifluous performance. 
Commenting on this unique recognition event, Mr Vishal Dhale, Head Reward & Recognition Sales, Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. said, “We initiated this unique employee recognition platform with a vision wherein the best across the organization can come together. The initiative aims at recognizing those individuals and teams who have raised the standard of performance multi-fold and contributed significantly. Smart-phone apps have become the audience facing interface for these awards, going into the several touch points of customization and engagement that were created in the pre-event areas. I can proudly say that our maiden BSLI Arjun Awards have given our first 500 Arjuns the awards that have enabled to raise the level of achievement, vision, scale & planning. The Arjun Awards was at par with any of the world acclaimed international awards property. It is with great confidence that I can claim that the Arjun Awards struck all checkboxes on the lists of all attendees; the satisfaction score created through a strong feedback mechanism is testimony to the fact.”
Percept ICE conceptualized and executed the entire event flawlessly, inclusive of logistics and travel arrangements. Commenting on the successful management of the event, Ms. Nazneen Karimi – Chief Executive Officer, Percept ICE said, “I had personally planned and detailed out the entire BSLI Arjun Awards 2015 event given the fact that it was a launch initiative of the Birla Sun Life Insurance Group. The entire event was organized perfectly and every element incorporated ensured that the objective and overarching theme were well coordinated and communicated through the range of activities and entertainment acts performed. The Percept ICE team pulled all the stops to guarantee a successful and memorable show.”